Promoting Integrated Care & Prevention

Integration of Clinical Care and Community-based Prevention

Scaling Prevention Models Through Policy Change

Nemours is working to scale evidence-based programs such as Nemours BrightStart!, a screening and targeted instruction program to help children achieve reading success.

Nemours invested in developing, testing, implementing and spreading this community-based prevention program because we know that literacy is the single greatest predictor of adult health. To help children grow up healthy, we must address literacy. The earlier we intervene, with the 30 percent or more of U.S. children who are struggling, the better the results and the more cost-effective the program.

Nemours BrightStart! screens 4- and 5-year-old children in Florida and Delaware in child care and preschool settings. Children identified to be at risk of reading failure are provided a nine-week, 10- to 20-hour course of targeted instruction by their child care provider or teacher.

This program has been shown, through randomized control trials, to be highly successful in getting children up to expected levels of reading skills. And the results stick, with evidence of children continuing to achieve reading success through second grade, with no further specialized programming.

Our goal is to ensure that federal education and early education programs promote early literacy and allow funds to be used to help struggling readers early, even before they are expected to read.

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Partnering on the Children's Outcomes Project

Nemours’ Children's Outcomes Project (COP) promotes the work of integrated, multi-sector, place-based initiatives to improve the health and well-being of children. 

The COP learning community, which is led by Nemours, The California Endowment, and an anonymous donor, includes eight state and local initiative teams, plus national experts and advocates. The COP has released several briefs with recommendations and lessons learned from this project, including: