A child with autism plays with blocks

Autism is a neurodevelopmental (related to the development of the nervous system) disorder that can affect a child’s social interaction and communication skills. The symptoms of autism in children can vary from severe to mild. At Nemours, our team of behavioral health specialists can help. We’ll develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your child’s needs.

Learn More About Autism in Children

Some children may show early signs of autism in infancy, while other children may suddenly develop autism symptoms later. In either case, the symptoms of autism in children begin before age 3.

Early signs of autism in children include lack of interest in people, lack of communication, not responding to his/her name, lack of pretend play and the presence of repetitive behaviors or interests. The best way to help your child with autism symptoms is to discuss your concerns with your child’s doctor. Early intervention can begin to reduce autism symptoms and help your child learn to adapt, grow and thrive.