School Program

Maintaining routines is important for all kids, especially when they’re in the hospital. Our hospital school program helps your child continue to progress academically and also relieves some of the stress of a lengthy hospital stay by providing a little bit of normalcy, often with other kids close in age.

How Our Program Works

Certified teachers work with you, your child’s school teacher (or homebound teacher), and other members of your care team to create an appropriate lesson plan based on your child’s abilities and needs.

Education sessions can then take place either right at your child’s bedside or in our hospital classroom, during normal school days and hours. The length of the sessions depends on many things, including your child’s health and emotional well-being.

Who's Eligible

Kids who are:
  • age 3 (enrolled in pre-K) up to 21 (with an Individualized Education Plan, also called an IEP)
  • medically and mentally able to benefit from the program
  • staying in the hospital for 10 days or missing schoold for a few weeks

Many children who participate have chronic illnesses, traumatic brain injuries, and/or rehabilitative needs (surgical, physical, or cognitive). Any member of your child’s care team can refer your child to the program.

For Rehabilitation Patients

Children who are inpatients of the Rehabilitation Service Unit or who participate in the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Outpatient Program are eligible for the school program from the first day of admission.

Educational sessions are held in the rehabilitation classroom at regularly scheduled times.

How You Can Help

Ultimately, our focus is on preparing your child for a smooth transition back into the classroom, which means we’re in constant contact with your child’s school teacher — gathering assignments and staying updated with classroom progress.

You can help most by:
  • supporting your child’s academic goals
  • having textbooks and assignments ready each week
  • keeping the school informed and updated about your child’s progress
    and return

Helpful Articles

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School Program

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Available at your child’s bedside or in the third-floor rehabilitation classroom
Operates during regular public school hours

Phone: (302) 651-4960