Creative Therapy

The Nemours Children’s Clinic, Pensacola is grateful for our creative volunteers who share their passion and bring smiles to our children and families.

Creativity of any kind, like doing arts and crafts or listening to music, helps kids explore and identify feelings, and even get better, faster.

In fact, it’s been well documented that creative therapy can help:
  • improve cognitive skills
  • express feelings
  • increase awareness of others/self
  • enhance emotional/physical well being
  • improve self-satisfaction
  • manage pain
  • improve speech and language skills
  • and more

Art & Music Programs

We’re fortunate to have a lively creative arts program that includes:

  • Arts and Crafts

    Dedicated volunteers and local artists lead the kids in painting, drawing, and other fun activities in the waiting areas

  • Music

    Volunteers often share soothing, kid-friendly tunes on the harp or guitar. The children love learning about instruments, especially when they can strum a chord or two

Do you have a talent?

We love community volunteers who are willing to share their special talents with our kids. If you’re interested, please contact the volunteer director.

Contact Us

Mary McCormack, CAVS

Volunteer Director
(904) 697-3517

Creative Therapy

Nemours Children’s Clinic, Pensacola
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Weekly activities