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Nemours Children's Clinic, Jacksonville

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More Than Medicine

A Whole System of Family Support Services

At Nemours Children’s Clinic, Jacksonville, we know there’s a lot more to family-centered care than a visit with your doctor. It’s an attitude, a sensitivity to the fact that when your child is sick, it affects your whole family.

When you bring your child to Nemours Children’s Clinic, Jacksonville, you’ll have access to a wide range of innovative support services so you can focus on helping your child get better — before, during and after your visit with us.

  • Child Life Program
    Child Life Program

    Our certified Child Life specialists help children heal through play, preparation, education and self-expression.

  • Creative Therapy: Art, Music, Writing
    Creative Therapy: Art, Music, Writing

    Creativity of any kind – doing arts and crafts, listening to music, or writing a story – helps kids explore and identify feelings, deal with emotions, and even get better, faster.

  • Family Advisory Council
    Family Advisory Council

    Input from families with children living with chronic conditions helps us make meaningful improvements for all of our patients and families.

  • Family Resource Library
    Family Resource Library

    Our large library collection includes popular children's books and movies as well as a great selection of medical resources to help you understand your child's diagnosis and treatment options.

  • Interpreter Services
    Interpreter Services

    We offer interpreter services for families who don't speak English and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters so you can understand everything about your child's care.

  • Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville
    Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville

    The Ronald McDonald House offers our patients and families a safe and affordable home away from home so they can focus on the care of their child.

  • Social Work
    Social Work

    Our social workers provide compassionate, professional, and culturally-sensitive assistance to help you cope with your child’s special condition, and get your family on the road to healing.

For Overnight Stays

Located just across the street from the clinic, the Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville offers our patients and families a safe and affordable home away from home. Learn More »

Online Medical Records

Access to your child's medical record using a computer or mobile device to:

  • request an appointment
  • renew prescriptions
  • communicate with your child's medical provider
  • view and print select medical information

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