Banking in Hodgkin Disease

Clinical Trial

Offered by: Nemours
Locations: Delaware Valley, Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, Pensacola, FL

What is the trial about?

The goal of this study is to collect and distribute samples obtained from participants with Hodgkin Disease.

Who can participate?

Children with Hodgkin Disease who are currently being treated on a Children's Oncology Group (COG) study or who were treated in the past on a COG, POG, or CCG study are eligible.

What is involved?

  • We would like some extra tissue from your child’s biopsy for special lab studies. When blood is taken for standard tests, we would like to take an extra 1-4 tablespoons.
  • Blood may be collected at up to 7 time points. The samples will be banked and possibly used for an unknown period of time.


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Trial Name: Banking in Hodgkin Disease

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