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Preparing your child for reading success.
Finding solutions for struggling readers.
Bringing Nemours BrightStart! expertise to you.
Helping dual language learners with effective results.
Using the science of early learning.

More than 30 percent of our nation's children have trouble reading. Nemours BrightStart! can help.

Research indicates literacy is the strongest single predictor of adult health status. It is also a major child health issue, as it can disrupt academic, cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social development. The Nemours BrightStart! early literacy programs help identify and teach children at risk for reading failure.

For Parents

Preparing your child for reading success is less about giant leaps and more about the things you do every day.
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Is Your Child Ready to Read? View Infographic »
Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child »

For Educators

Designed with the help of educators, we offer programs
to build reading readiness skills in young children.
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For Health Professionals

We provide tips for guiding parents with kids
showing risk factors for dyslexia and other causes
of reading failure.
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For Researchers

Our research team studies the effectiveness of
our programs and the prevention of reading failure
and dyslexia.
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Infographic: Is Your Child Ready to Read?

Reading seems automatic and easy for people who are good at it. That makes it hard to understand how reading can be so challenging for people who struggle with it. Learn more about the importance of reading readiness identification and intervention and how Nemours BrightStart! can help with the important skills every child needs for future reading success.

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The Science of Reading Readiness

See how Nemours BrightStart! program helps children become successful readers.

Benefits of Reading Aloud to a Child

Reading together will help build important literacy skills and create fun experiences. Learn More »

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Reading Development

Risk Factors for Reading Problems

Get the facts on risk factors for reading problems to help put all kids on the path to reading success, right from the start.

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Online Training Solutions

Nemours BrightStart!
early literacy curriculum
training is available online.

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