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The Nemours Safety Store is located inside Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children.

1600 Rockland Road
Wilmington, DE 19803
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(302) 651-4279

Hours: Monday – Friday:
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Be a Safety Champ

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Do you have what it takes to be a Safety Champ? Test your bike safety skills in this fun, challenging video game. Parent permission required to play.

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Nemours Safety Store

The Nemours Safety Store provides safety education and sells household safety items and equipment. You can purchase childproofing items, baby car seats, bike helmets, and much more, at a lower cost than traditional retailers. Plus, you'll enjoy personal attention and product demonstration from our knowledgeable staff. Please call the store for current pricing.

Products for the Home

When was the last time you crawled around your home on your hands and knees? As strange as it sounds, give it a go. Kids explore their everyday environments, so it's crucial to check things out from their perspective to make sure your home is safe.

Products to Childproof Your Home

Adjustable Multi-Purpose Strap
Bath Pal Thermometer
Bi-Fold Door Lock
Cabinet and Drawer Latches
Cabinet Slide Lock
Childproofing Kit
Cord Shortener
Doorknob Covers
Finger Pinch Guard
Furniture Corner Cushions
Furniture Wall Straps
Lazy Susan Lock
Lever Handle Lock
Lift-and-Lock Gate
Lock-Release Fridge Latch
Multi-Purpose Appliance Latch
Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener
Outlet Plugs
Oven Front Lock
Powerstrip Cover
Press-and-Pull Plug Protectors
Push-and-Snap Cabinet Locks

Rail Net Rail Guard
Safe Glow 2-Receiver Monitor
Safety Caps Outlet Plugs
Secure-Lock Bed Rail
Soft Spout Cover
Soothing Stars Night Light
Stove Knob Covers
Sure-Fit Toilet Lock
TotLok Starter Kit
TotLok Latches
Two-Touch Plug Protectors
Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lb.
Allergy Alert Labels
Child Medical I.D. Wristband
Keypad Door Alarm
Magnetic Window Alarm
Secure-Strap Child Harness
Shoe I.D.
Window Wedge
Window and Sliding Door Super Stopper

Car Safety Products

Using a child safety seat (car seat) is the best protection you can give your child when traveling by car. Every state in the U.S. requires that an infant or small child be restrained. Child safety seats can substantially reduce the risk of a potentially-fatal injury to infants and toddlers.

Booster seats are for kids who have outgrown forward-facing or convertible car seats, but are still too small to be properly restrained by a seatbelt. Many states have laws requiring booster seats for kids 4-foot-9, younger than 8 years old, and 80 pounds.

Products for Your Vehicle

Cosco High-Rise Backless Booster
Cosco Pronto High-Back Booster
Infant Car Seat (Base Only)
Infant Car Seat (Seat and Base)
Scenara Convertible Seat
Ventura Combo Seat

Water Safety Products

Invest in proper-fitting, Coast Guard-approved flotation devices (life vests) and use them whenever a child is near water. Check the weight and size recommendations on the label, then have your child try it on to make sure it fits snugly. For kids younger than 5 years old, choose a vest with a strap between the legs and head support; the collar will keep the child's head up and face out of the water. Inflatable vests and arm devices like water wings do not prevent drowning.

Products for the Water

Personal Flotation Devices (Adult)
Personal Flotation Devices (Youth)
Personal Flotation Devices (Child)
Personal Flotation Devices (Infant)
Putty Buddies Ear Plugs

Sports Safety Products

Participation in sports helps kids stay physically fit while teaching them sportsmanship and discipline. However, any sport can carry the potential for injury. It is important that kids wear the proper safety gear. Helmets and pads should be used at all times. Make sure they are the correct size and worn properly.

Sports Products

Bike Helmet, XS, S/M, L/XL
Bike Helmet, Toddler
Graphics Bike Helmet, Toddler, S, M, L ,XL
Multi-Sport Helmet, XS, S/M, L/XL
Elbow/Knee/Wrist Pads Set, S/M/L

Educational Safety Books

"I Can Be Safe: A First Look at Safety"

by Pat Thomas

Board books by Giovanni Caviezel

"Fireman Safety Hints"
"Policeman Safety Hints"
"Street Safety Hints"

Paperbacks by Claire Llewellyn

"Watch Out! Around Town"
"Watch Out! Near Water"
"Watch Out! On the Road"
"Watch Out! At Home"

"Your Growing Child"

by Penelope Leach

CPR Anytime Kits

Personal Learning Programs

Family & Friends CPR Anytime
Infant CPR Anytime

CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program allows anyone to learn the core skills of CPR in just 20 minutes using their own personal kit. The kit contains everything needed to learn basic CPR, AED skills, and choking relief anywhere, from the comfort of your home to a large group setting.

Infants & Toddlers

Our trained instructors can provide safety education on how to childproof your home using safety gates, outlet covers, and tub thermometers. Plus, we have baby car seats and booster safety seats for children.

School-Age Children

School-age children have different needs and are more active in sports and activities. Nemours Safety Store can help with safety education and products. We have bike helmets, personal flotation devices (life jackets), ear plugs, and child ID bracelets.

The Whole Family

To keep the whole family safe, Nemours Safety Store has fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, allergy alert labels, and books about safety. Gift baskets are available and we provide baby registries — just ask us!