Atrial Septal Defects

It’s often the tiniest hearts that need the most help from the start. That’s why Nemours pediatric heart experts specialize in early detection and repair of congenital heart defects. If your child’s been diagnosed with an atrial septal defect, or a hole in the wall between the right and left atria (atrial septum), we’re here to ease your concerns, answer your questions, and give your child the best possible chance for a healthy future.

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  • medical and pharmacy insurance cards
  • preferred pharmacy name and phone number
  • names and dosage of all medications, including over-the-counter medication, your child is currently taking
  • guardianship and custody papers, if a legal guardian rather than a parent accompanies your child
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Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Dover, is part of Nemours’ network of primary care practices that offers access to high-quality pediatric care for families throughout the Delaware Valley. At Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Dover, in addition to primary care pediatrics, we also offer the expertise of Nemours’ pediatric cardiologists, who can diagnose and treat congenital heart defects.

We provide cardiac evaluations and an extensive array of outpatient services to babies, kids, teens, and expectant mothers.

The experienced, caring, board-certified pediatric cardiologists from the Nemours Cardiac Center at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children come here to our office to make it easier and more convenient for you to get Nemours’ quality of care near you. And duPont Hospital for Children was ranked among the nation’s best in pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery by U.S. News & World Report — so you know you’re getting some of the best pediatric cardiac care available.

Our Pediatric Heart Care

Children are commonly referred to our office for evaluation of:
  • heart murmurs
  • chest pain
  • fast heartbeat
  • palpitations (irregular heartbeat)
  • cyanosis (blue coloration)
  • fainting

We also provide follow-up evaluation for children with known pediatric heart problems and for kids who’ve had heart surgery or heart transplantation. If your child needs tests (such as an electrocardiogram or an echocardiogram) they’ll be performed at the time of the visit and we’ll give you the results immediately after these tests are completed. When appropriate, we offer specialized remote monitoring, so we can monitor your child’s heart rhythm from your home.

If your child needs further testing and/or treatment, we’ll refer you to either the Nemours Cardiac Center at the duPont Hospital for Children or another recommended health care provider nearby.

Working as a team, we make sure you have a complete understanding of your child’s condition, treatment options, and what to expect every step of the way.

Getting an Early Start

You may know that most children with heart conditions are born with congenital heart defects. But did you know that the sooner your child can get diagnosed and treated, the better? You can count on our pediatric cardiology experts to give you an accurate, swift diagnosis. Our team will recommend treatment, too — from innovative, non-surgical catheter procedures in some instances to surgery for more complex cases.

Understanding Congenital Heart Defects

When your child has a heart condition, learning as much as you can about the problem can help make things much less stressful and scary — for you, your child, and your whole family. Understanding what the defect can help you talk to your child about what it all means and what to expect from treatment. Plus, the more you know, the more informed you can be to make educated decisions about — and be a better advocate for — your child’s health care.

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