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See What We're Doing in Pediatric Cancer Research

As a children’s health system, we take great pride in research at Nemours — so that we can better serve children with cancer and blood and bone disorders today and in the future.

The mission of our pediatric cancer specialists and scientists at the Nemours Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (NCCBD) is to build one of the nation’s top childhood cancer research centers — developing strategies to improve prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood cancers.

Our overarching goal of the Nemours Center for Childhood Cancer Research (NCCCR, our research arm) is to achieve a 100% cure rate of childhood cancers – and with minimal side effects. We aim to do “whatever it takes” to support research into finding new and better treatment options. Our center is a place where scientists, doctors, patients, families, and the community can come together to improve children’s health.

Pediatric Cancer Research Efforts Beyond Our Doors

Nemours is proud to be part of a groundbreaking collaboration called the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance (DHSA). This alliance allows our researchers and staff to use the vast resources at both Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in Philadelphia and the University of Delaware.

Through this alliance our:
  • faculty members in Wilmington are on staff as instructors and professors at the academic institutions
  • researchers have access to both universities’ research facilities
  • researchers work together to conduct clinical trials at the Christiana Care Helen F. Graham Cancer Center for adult cancers that affect families
  • team has access to the Delaware Biotechnology Institute’s state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation

In Florida, our Nemours experts collaborate with many renowned institutions and medical school faculties to enhance our research efforts with childhood cancer studies and develop new brain tumor treatment.

Some of those partnerships in pediatric cancer research include:
Using Our Technology to Help Further Pediatric Cancer Research

Our team members literally have at their fingertips a powerful resource tool called NemoursOne, which electronically connects our services and programs across all Nemours sites and contains a database of all patient medical records. The system also houses all of our research protocols, applications, letters, and communications with investigators.

NemoursOne allows clinicians to communicate — in real time — and view clinical notes, test results, and lab reports simultaneously. NCCCR investigators mine the wealth of valuable clinical data contained in NemoursOne to support their research projects.

Clinical Trials in Pediatric Cancer

Within the past five years, our pediatric oncology specialists have enrolled more than 350 children in cancer treatment studies, focusing on improving outcomes so that more children with cancer can live – and live longer. A clinical trial is a study that evaluates new medicines, new devices, new treatments, or new applications for old treatments.

Our pediatric oncology specialists at each of our Nemours locations work with and support many investigator-initiated clinical trials. These research efforts are designed to help a specific investigator (one of our physicians or another doctor on the faculty of a medical school we’ve partnered with) to discover promising medical interventions.

The Children’s Oncology Group (COG)

Our team also works with clinical trials run through the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). A worldwide group of children’s cancer specialists and institutions, COG conducts research to identify cancer causes and pioneer state-of-the-art treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Our participation in COG allows us to offer the best cancer care available.

So that means your child will receive treatments proven to be the most effective — and you’ll have access to clinical trials of promising new therapies that aim to reduce side effects and improve kids’ quality of life.

Our Commitment to Safety

Clinical trials are safe and supervised by qualified physicians, under strict guidance of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Patient safety is extremely important to the FDA, to those conducting the studies, and to everyone here at Nemours.

In a clinical trial, children participating in the study are monitored closely — and families may refuse any aspect of the study treatment or completely discontinue their child’s participation in the clinical trial at any time.

As part of our commitment to protect the safety and special interests of your child, all research, experimental drugs, and devices involving children, must follow the strict guidelines of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) – established under the National Research Act of 1974, and other laws and regulations – for the protection of human subjects.

For information about current clinical trials in:
  • Wilmington, DE: (302) 651-6800
  • Jacksonville, FL: (904) 697-3529
  • Orlando, FL: (407) 650-7150

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