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Nemours Partners for Perinatal Management at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

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Perinatal Care

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At Nemours, we offer fetal testing and specialist consultations for babies in utero (in the mother’s womb). We work with expectant parents facing a possible congenital (present at birth) condition or defect and try to get an early fetal diagnosis and figure out the next steps. And we connect you with the medical professionals you need who can provide care and treatment after your baby's birth.

Nemours Partners for Perinatal Management

We help expectant parents get an early fetal diagnosis of possible birth defects and determine next steps for the best treatment and care.

Learn More About Perinatal Care

Thankfully, many congenital conditions can be diagnosed during pregnancy and treatment can often begin as soon as your baby is born. But early detection and treatment are key. That's why we're here — to help parents-to-be like you plan ahead and prepare.

While you wait for your baby's birth, we:
  • Help you cope with unexpected congenital conditions by providing information, guidance, and support about what to expect.
  • Coordinate fetal testing with diagnostic studies that reveal more detailed information than traditional fetal ultrasounds.
  • Schedule consultations with any of our appropriate specialists, who can care for virtually any medical or surgical condition after delivery, and talk you through your treatment options long before the big day.
  • Assemble an expert, personalized care team that includes physicians you already have, as well as our own highly skilled and experienced Nemours specialists. We'll work with all of your doctors to make sure everyone's on the same page throughout your pregnancy and after birth.
  • Give you a little hope and peace of mind in knowing that
    there are experts standing by, ready to step in to help your baby
    when needed.