Treating your child means not only providing exceptional medical care, but providing resources and support services to help your child and your family get through the healthcare journey. From the creative services our volunteers provide, to the many families who provide invaluable perspective in our Family Advisory Council, to our ever popular animal-assisted activities, our varied Support Services offer assistance from your child and your family’s special challenges.  

Our Services

  • Animal-Assisted Activities
    Animal-Assisted Activities

    Animal assisted activities can reduce stress, improve self-esteem, lower blood pressure, improve overall well-being and much more.

  • Breast Milk Donation Program
    Breast Milk Donation Program

    Pensacola moms can help premature infants by donating their excess breast milk to our milk donor program, Nemours Breast Milk for Babies. Your generous gift can be a lifesaver.

  • Creative Therapy
    Creative Therapy

    Creativity therapy, like doing arts and crafts or listening to music, helps kids explore and identify feelings, and even get better, faster.

  • Family Advisory Council
    Family Advisory Council

    Input from families with children who are often living with chronic or complex medical conditions helps us make meaningful improvements for all of our patients and families.

  • Interpreter Services
    Interpreter Services

    You want to understand everything about your child’s care, so we offer interpreter services for children and families who don’t speak English or require American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

  • Ronald McDonald House
    Ronald McDonald House

    The Ronald McDonald House offers our patients and families a safe and affordable home away from home with amenities that allow you to focus on your child.

  • Social Work
    Social Work

    Our social workers provide compassionate, professional and culturally-sensitive assistance to help you cope with your child’s special condition, and get your family on the road to healing.