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At Nemours Children's, we want all patients to feel respected and have their identity affirmed. Being addressed by the name that brings you joy is an important human experience and increases comfort. To that end, your child’s preferred first name will now be listed in their medical record.

The next time you make an appointment, your scheduler may ask you about your child’s preferred first name. Registration staff may also ask for and/or confirm your child’s preferred name. You can also enter or change your child’s preferred name any time in the Nemours app except during a hospital admission. (If there is no preferred name listed, we will continue to call patients by their full legal first name.)

We look forward to partnering with you to help you and your child feel comfortable and respected. 

Have questions? Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients and Families

What is a preferred name?

A (first) name that a patient prefers to be called that is different from their legal first name.

Why is Nemours asking about patients’ preferred name?

We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible and to feel that we are treating them with dignity and respect.

When will we be asked about preferred name?

You will be asked for your child’s preferred name when scheduling and checking in at your next appointment. After that, the preferred name will simply be used during your visit unless you notify us that there has been a change in preferred first name. Keep in mind that this preferred name will be used in all clinical settings and communications.

Can we change the preferred name?

Your child’s preferred name can be changed. Just let us know at check-in or checkout, or change it through the Nemours app. The only time we can’t change a preferred name is during a hospital stay, although we can change it as soon as your child is discharged from that stay.

When will my child’s preferred name be used?

Your child’s preferred name will be used as often as possible during your clinic visit or hospital stay. However, your child’s legal name will continue to be used whenever a legal name is required for name matching, e.g., insurance verification, during medication administration and at other times.

Will you be asking us about personal pronouns?

No, we are not yet asking for personal pronouns, but we are working toward that step soon.

Are there any rules about what preferred names may be used?

Preferred names should not be derogatory or demeaning. A preferred first name may also not be the patient's legal last name or include the legal last name. Other than that, there are no rules on which preferred names are allowable. Keep in mind that the stated preferred name will be used throughout your medical visit and included in your child’s chart.