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Addressing the social determinants of health in children.

Dr. Moss addresses the social determinants of health in children


What are pediatric social determinants of health?

The United States leads the world in medical intervention. We spend $3.65 trillion providing innovative care and treatment. We have the ability to restart hearts, eliminate cancer and reverse genetic code. Yet for all of this remarkable progress, rates of chronic illnesses such as asthma, Type 2 diabetes, and congenital heart disease continue to climb. Life expectancy in America continues to decline. In short, we are not getting a good return on investment.

Pediatric social determinants of health can impact generations to come:

  • improve lifelong health
  • extend life expectancy
  • increase lifetime earnings
  • improve healthy lifestyle behaviors

Nemours Children’s Health System recently commissioned a national survey with Harris Poll, asking parents about factors impacting their families’ ability to live a healthy life.

Learn what parents told us.