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Health Equity & Inclusion

Undergraduate Internships and Pre/Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Undergraduate Internship

Health Equity Summer Scholars Program (HESSP)

The Program provides an opportunity for undergraduates to acquire research knowledge and skills in areas pertaining to pediatric health disparities science. The core component of this program includes an in-depth understanding of problems and issues confronting pediatric health and health care. Specifically, the research training and education embraces study design, conduct (sampling, intervention and data collection), data analysis, result interpretation, discussion and inference.

Program runs June — August (10 weeks), dates vary annually

Stipend Amount: $4,300

Accepting Applications December — January

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Masters, Pre-Doctoral and Doctoral Fellowship Program

The program focuses on the application of advanced epidemiologic methods in the understanding of the etio-pathogenesis of pediatric health disparities. The utilization of such knowledge is required in mapping interventions with the intent to narrow diverse population differences in pediatric health care and health outcomes. Whereas social determinants are essential in understanding unequal outcomes of care, biologic determinants also play an important role. Further, the approach is translational, transdisciplinary and team science, which renders evidence discovery more inclusive and reliable for quality and equity attainment. 

Program runs May — November (six months), dates vary annually 
Stipend Amount:

**HOUSING AVAILABLE based on need**
(Must live 50+ miles away, one-way)

Accepting Appliations December — January

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Volunteer Pre-/Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The overarching objective of this program is to provide practical knowledge on measures of health disparities and its application in addressing social determinants of health, health inequity and social environment and gene interaction (socio-epigenomics) in understating the subpopulation variances in morbidity, health outcomes and mortality.

The program offers NO STIPEND, NO HOUSING AND NO TRAVELLING EXPENSES, implying a voluntary fellowship program with the sole intent to train, educate, and mentor individuals with financial ability to sustain their training, education and research activities during the entire fellowship period upon acceptance.

Program runs all year round (six to 12 months, and 18-24 months)


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