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Why Choose Us: Continence Clinic

Our Outcomes: The Results of Our Care

When kids can’t control their daytime urination or bowel movements past the time of toilet training it’s called “incontinence.” Incontinence can be physically and emotionally exhausting for both children and their parents. For kids, it can cause anxiety, depression and/or significant social problems including isolation, decreased school performance and bullying.

At Nemours, we know how overwhelming incontinence can be for everyone in the family. That’s why our unique Continence Clinic at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville is here to help kids with problems holding or releasing urine (pee) or stool (poop). We want to help them achieve continence — the ability to control their bladder and bowels. We provide services for kids of all ages who are experiencing:

  • urinary incontinence (inability to control urination)
  • fecal incontinence (inability to control bowel movements)
  • failure to toilet (potty) train
  • chronic constipation
  • problems with urinary frequency and urgency (i.e., having to pee suddenly and often)
  • incomplete bladder emptying
  • recurring (ongoing) urinary tract infections

Why Measuring Results Matters

To provide pediatric care that's among the most effective for all children, we measure our results. Why? So we can:

  • help you make decisions about your child’s care
  • be clear about our results
  • improve so we can consistently deliver better, safer care

Here are a couple of the outcomes we track and focus on to improve the experience for both you and your child.


Innovative Treatment Using Video Games

Innovative Treatment Using Video Games

A Unique, Fun Way to Help Kids Gain Control of Their Bladder and Bowels

Children who’ve experienced pain with elimination or have problems with muscle coordination don’t respond to standard therapy because they urinate (pee) and defecate (poop) incorrectly. To empty the bladder or rectum, a child needs to relax the muscle of the pelvic floor to let the urine and stool out. (Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs. In boys, that's the bladder and bowel. In girls, that's the bladder, bowel and uterus.) But many children confuse the muscles, and tighten their pelvic floor instead of relaxing it. This “closes the door” and prevents the bladder and/or bowels from emptying completely. And this often leads to ongoing problems with incontinence, constipation, urinary frequency and urgency, and recurring urinary tract infections.  

At Nemours, we offer simple, nonpainful testing. This allows us to identify each child’s individual challenges and use the proper therapy. For example, for children whose testing indicates weak or abnormal pelvic floor issues, we offer something called “animated pelvic floor biofeedback.” By playing special video games using their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, kids can learn to identify, strengthen and appropriately coordinate the muscles needed to effectively urinate and defecate.


Reduction in Urinary Incontinence After Biofeedback Program


Number of children with urinary incontinence when starting the program


Number of children with urinary incontinence at the completion of the program


Reduction in urinary incontinence


Reduction in Fecal Incontinence After Biofeedback Program


Number of children with fecal incontinence when starting the program


Number of children with fecal incontinence at the completion of the program


Reduction in fecal incontinence


Data and benchmark: The Nemours Continence Clinic data was collected from individual electronic health records — one for urinary and one for fecal incontinence — before and after treatment since the program’s beginning. These outcomes represent success rates in children who were not able to gain continence on standard therapy. No national benchmark available for this data.

Our Differentiators: What Sets Us Apart

Our Differentiators: What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose the Nemours Continence Clinic

In most hospitals and health systems, children who have problems with elimination (peeing and pooping) have to see different kinds of specialists at different times. This often means doctors work separately, families have to come in for lots of appointments, and kids don’t get the help they need to deal with all of their challenges. But at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville we see kids with incontinence problems all within one coordinated program. And that means more comprehensive, more convenient care — and improved results for kids and their families.  

Families can feel comfortable choosing our pediatric continence experts because of our:

  • Coordinated pediatric care. Our Continence Clinic includes a team of clinicians who have specialized training in the care of children with incontinence and disordered elimination.
  • The region’s first biofeedback program. Our clinic was the first in North Florida to use biofeedback to help pediatric patients with voiding dysfunction (problems with emptying or filling the bladder). Biofeedback uses fun, interactive games to help kids better understand and manage this personal issue.
  • Testing designed specifically for newborns, kids and teens. In addition to ultrasounds and X-rays, we can perform advanced diagnostic testing and imaging studies that allow us to pinpoint the problem. The test results assist us in tailoring the plan of care to the child’s specific problems. Focused treatment results in better outcomes.

Learn more about pediatric urology, voiding dysfunction and urologic surgery at Nemours.