Developmental Medicine Outcomes

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Why Choose Us: Developmental Medicine

Our Outcomes: The Results of Our Care

Developmental medicine is a specialty that focuses on children's growth and development. Nemours’ developmental medicine experts are board-certified in pediatrics and/or developmental-behavioral pediatrics, and have extra training in either neurodevelopmental disabilities or developmental and behavioral pediatrics. Working together with a team of medical specialists as needed, we help kids with developmental delays, developmental disabilities or medical conditions that affect learning and behavior. Some of the kids we see also may have autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Some patients with ASD have irritability, aggression or self-injurious behaviors that require medical management of their symptoms. 

Why Measuring Results Matters

At Nemours to provide pediatric care that's among the safest and most effective for all children, we measure our results. Why? So we can:

  • help you make decisions about your child’s care
  • be clear about our results
  • improve and consistently deliver better, safer care

Here's an outcome we track and focus on to improve the experience for both you and your child.


Involving Families in Making Medications Safer

Involving Families in Making Medications Safer

We Ask About, Review and Make Sure You Understand Your Child’s Medications

When children need medications, we work with psychologists and psychiatrists to make sure kids are getting the right kinds and dosages of medications, with as few side effects as possible. Every child’s medication needs vary — some might get none, others could require many different kinds of medicines every day. So managing medicines and making sure kids are always getting the right kinds of medicines — whenever and however much they need — is complicated. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to work together as a coordinated team that incorporates the latest technology and our most important team members — you, the parents.

Through a process called “medication reconciliation,” we maintain accurate medication records so we can reduce confusion and prevent problems with:

  • duplication (prescribing medicine you already have)
  • dosage (not giving the right amount of medicine — not enough or too much)
  • dangerous interactions (medicines that shouldn’t be taken together)

At Nemours, our developmental medicine team does better than the national benchmark for medicine reconciliation by providing more families with up-to-date medication lists with doses, frequency and clear prescribing instructions. That means we:

  1. Ask you at the beginning of your family’s encounter with us about all the current medications your child is taking (including herbal and nonprescription treatments). Then our goal is to review that list with you to make sure that all recommended medicines are still appropriate.
  2. Keep track of and update the medications in our award-winning electronic health record (EHR) so that our health care providers will know the type, dosage and frequency of all of your child’s medications.
  3. Go over any changes in medications with you and your child and provide a new list at the end of the visit.


Percentage of Patients Receiving Updated Medication Lists


Nemours developmental medicine patients, 2017


National average (benchmark)

Data source: Nemours 2017 medication reconciliation data for Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children (Wilmington, Del.) as well as Nemours duPont Pediatrics locations in Wilmington, Del.; Philadelphia; Voorhees and Deptford, N.J.
Benchmark: Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. Hughes RG, editor. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2008 Apr. Chapter 38: Medication Reconciliation, Jane H. Barnsteiner, PhD, RN, FAAN.

Our Differentiators: What Sets Us Apart

Our Differentiators: What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Nemours Developmental Medicine

If you’re concerned about your child’s physical, emotional, behavioral or social development, Nemours’ developmental medicine pediatricians will evaluate what’s going on and, if necessary, create a treatment plan specific to your child’s needs. Here are just some of the reasons families choose us for their child’s care:

  • Collaborative, team approach to care. We work closely with other specialists, such as psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, geneticists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists. Your child benefits from a whole team working together toward the same goals.
  • Dedicated social workers for children on the autism spectrum helps families find and coordinate important programs and resources at Nemours, and in the community.
  • Ability to communicate with doctors online through the electronic health record system. In addition to being available by phone, our team uses MyNemours, our award-winning online patient portal, to communicate securely. You can ask questions, refill medicines, and schedule appointments online — on your time.

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We ask for your honest feedback so we can make improvements for all of our patients. We’re proud to say that our developmental medicine care providers rank in the top 20 percent for quality care and satisfaction through patient surveys.

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