Faster Echocardiogram Results Mean Earlier Diagnosis

When you have a child with a heart problem, the quicker you can find out what's going on, the better. At our Nemours Divisions of Cardiology we take early detection and treatment of children’s heart conditions very seriously. So when your child gets cardiac tests at Nemours, we make sure your primary care physician has the accurate, complete results to inform you sooner rather than later.

Echocardiography (or “echo”) is our most frequently used imaging tool. This specialized form of ultrasound builds a picture of the heart using sound waves. It examines each heart chamber, heart valve, artery, and vein associated with the heart (even tiny structures such as the coronary arteries).

At Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Pensacola we get your child’s ECHO results fast. After the pediatric cardiologist interprets your child’s ECHO, the results are immediately sent to your physician. This saves you from wondering what’s going on, waiting days — even weeks.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of our outpatient echocardiogram reports are sent to the ordering physician within 3 hours. Less than 5% of our ECHO results come more than 24 hours after the procedure was performed. And that means you can get the diagnosis your child needs right away, without any delay in treatment. If further pediatric cardiology expertise is required, the same physician that interpreted the echocardiogram should be available for further consultation and explanation.