Helping Liver Transplant Patients Live and Live Longer

At the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children (AIDHC), our Solid Organ Transplant specialists oversee one of the largest pediatric liver and kidney transplant programs in the country. Our liver transplant outcomes make us one of the best (based on how complex the case is and how severe the child’s illness). In fact, our survival rate (that’s the number of kids alive after their transplant) is better than the national average.

Giving Our Liver Transplant Patients the Very Best Chance at Life

About This Graph

When you look at statistics about survival rates for liver transplants, there are two kinds of donors to understand:

  • Living donor:

    When someone living donates part of his or her liver to the child needing a transplant. A “living related donor” is a living relative who donates a segment of the liver.

  • Deceased donor:

    When someone dies and gives his or her entire liver to a transplant patient (by being an organ donor).

Typically, survival rates are looked at over various periods of time after the transplant. Here’s how we, at duPont Hospital for Children, did compared to the national average (or benchmark):

  • 3 months after transplant:

    All (100%) of the children who received a liver transplant from a deceased donor at Nemours survived, compared to the national average of 93%. For living donors, we’re at 97% survival, versus the national average of 95%. The national average is based on the 2009 Annual Report from the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network/OPTN and the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients/SRTR.

  • 12 months (1 year) after transplant:

    Our survival rate is 92% for deceased donors and 90% for living donors, compared to the national average of 90% for both.

  • 5 years after transplant:

    Our rate is 90% for kids who received a transplant from either a deceased or living donor, compared to the much lower national average of 83.8% for deceased donors and 83.1% for living donors.

But we aren’t just focused on helping your child live, we’re concerned about your child’s quality of life and how your child feels and functions now and over the long-term. Our real success is measured by all of the kids who go on to lead healthy lives after their liver transplants. Seeing the kids we treat improve and thrive as they grow is the highest honor for what we do.

How We Do It

Organ transplants are complex and often require the care of multiple physicians and health professionals. Of course, every child’s disease, prognosis, and treatment plan are very different. But at Nemours Solid Organ Transplant Program, we treat each and every patient we see with the same level of high-quality care to help give every child the very best outcome we can:

  • We're one of the first programs in our area to do living-related donor procedures, which allow a living relative to donate a segment of their liver for transplantation and makes it possible for more children to receive a transplant as soon as possible.
  • We work together as one coordinated, highly skilled, dedicated team. Our physicians, nurses, transplant coordinator, and other members from across different specialties pool their knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to best manage patients with complex liver disease. And we consider you, the parent, an important member of our team so we'll always keep you informed and involved. We take pride in offering family-centered care.
  • We offer comprehensive therapy that helps kids recuperate faster. Our length of stay in the hospital is shorter than national averages; many of our transplant patients are back home within 3 to 4 weeks after their transplant.
  • We follow all of our patients very closely post-transplant, both as inpatients and outpatients.
  • We use cutting-edge technology to keep everyone on the same page about your child’s condition and care at the exact same time. With just a few clicks, everyone on the transplant team can access your child’s entire electronic health record (or EHR) from all of the different Nemours specialties and locations. And you can keep track of your child’s care, too (prescriptions, tests, appointments, etc.) through an innovative, customized health record. With MyNemours, you can access these records privately, safely, and securely at home and through our new mobile app, MyChart.

At Nemours, we guide your family through every step of your transplant journey. Our goal and our sincere hope is that your child will experience continued improvement and progress that opens the doors for a long lifetime of possibilities.

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