Giving Even the Sickest Children the Best Chance at Life

At Nemours, we treat children with all kinds of diseases and conditions, including complex and terminal illnesses. No matter what a child’s predicted outcome, we make every effort to do whatever it takes to improve the lives and the longevity of every patient we see.

In fact, for years we’ve had a better-than-expected mortality rate, meaning that there were far fewer deaths in hospitalized patients (“inpatients”) compared to the national rate at other pediatric facilities for the expected number of deaths in children with critical and terminal illnesses.

One of the many ways we’re able to ensure that most of our patients, even those who are the most vulnerable, live longer is by providing 24/7 care from highly specialized pediatric experts such as critical care medicine doctors and cardiac intensive care teams. Round-the-clock care from our physicians and health care teams who specialize in treating children with serious medical needs can make all the difference for kids when it counts the most.

Nemours’ state-of-the-art technology and equipment, as well as our knowledge and use of the latest advancements in pediatric research and practices also help us keep the children we treat as healthy as possible, with the best quality of life for as long as possible.