Patient Satisfaction

At Nemours, we consider families the most important members of every child’s care team. We truly care about what you think and how you feel and are committed to always being collaborative, respectful and compassionate.

And we listen to you. One of the ways we ask for your feedback is through satisfaction surveys conducted by Press Ganey, a research firm that surveys patient-families from more than 7,000 health care organizations. Press Ganey helps us measure our performance in relationship to other pediatric health care providers, and this enables us to identify ways that we can improve your family’s experience.


Ranked in the Top 20 Percent in Key Satisfaction Areas

Every specialty has its own way of measuring success. Many of our specialties rank in the top 20 percent of patient satisfaction, which shows how well we’re listening to you, and how well we’re taking care of your children.

Some of the key patient satisfaction indicators are:
  • Likelihood of recommending Care Provider
  • Explanation of problem or condition
  • Concern for questions or worries
  • Patient and family confidence in Care Provider
The specialties that rank in the top 20 percent of patient satisfaction are:

In the Words of Our Patients and Families

“I have had great experiences at Nemours, from amazingly caring nurses to great phone representatives. It’s been an extremely difficult year for our family, financially and health-wise. It really made a difference that the staff, doctors, and nurses were smiling and inviting. Thank you!”

“Your facility never ceases to amaze me, from parks to toy rooms to computer labs. Your effort to make families feel at home does not go unnoticed.”

“The patient/family room on the third floor is very comfortable and nice to get away to. We love the coffee, snacks, and drinks available, computer service, and laundry room.”

“The staff in the office is excellent. The cardiology department as a whole does an exceptional job. They are head and shoulders above the rest.”

“Every time my child and I have been treated with the utmost courtesy. We have never been kept waiting — promptness of service has been excellent. To us, it has been a great place to take a child, no matter what level of service was needed.”

“I really appreciated how each and every doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist in reconstructive surgery stopped by to introduce themselves and let us know each step of the procedure! It really alleviated any worries we had.”

“The staff at Nemours is very professional and well-versed in up-to-date information about diabetes treatment. The CDE [certified diabetes educator] spent a lot of time with my child to make sure he was comfortable with his new pump.”