Washington, D.C.

Advancing Children’s Health Policy on a National Level

Co-located in Washington, D.C. (Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy), and Wilmington, Del., Nemours National Office of Policy and Prevention works to promote policies and practices to improve the health and well-being of children nationwide and to promote prevention at Nemours.

A National Model for Pediatric Health and Prevention Efforts

Nemours is a model of an integrated health system with nationally recognized clinical care resulting in superior quality and health outcomes. And, we’re perhaps the only system nationwide that has made a long-term, sustained investment in community-based prevention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children grow up healthy, so we promote policy, practice, and systems change at the population level to create healthier environments in all the places children live, learn and play — partnering with federal policymakers and national partners and stakeholders from multiple sectors such as education, early education, public health, health care, nutrition and more.

Our Goals for Children's Health Policy
  • promote innovative policies and practices in population health and prevention, including integration with clinical care, that improve child health and well-being
  • enable and support children’s healthy development and prevention in early care and education settings
  • address the unique needs of children in health and quality initiatives

Our National Office leverages Nemours’ innovations and expertise to impact national policies and practices that reach millions of children across the country who will never “walk through our doors.” And, we also help drive and inform innovation at Nemours by facilitating learning and communicating opportunities about promising policies and practices to the right experts, particularly in the area of prevention and optimal health and well-being for children.