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The expanded Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, designed by patients, families and caregivers, is an environment that promotes children’s physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

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Activities & Community Involvement

Pediatric Residency Program

In your time with us, you’ll find a range of social activities organized to make it easier for you to meet other residents, fellows or students. From dinners and socials to outings and informal get-togethers, we want you to feel welcome and part of the team.



The personal needs of our house staff are important to our faculty. For that reason, we include a variety of activities in our program such as overnight retreats, stress reduction and career planning seminars.


Our goal is to ensure our residents are happy and healthy. In 2015, we started a resident wellness program that focuses on strengthening the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our residents. The wellness program includes dedicated wellness didactic lectures throughout the year, gratitude initiatives, and wellness activities including mindfulness and meditation, call-free resident events and retreats, increased access to mental health professionals, a pastoral care partnership, and ensuring each of our residents receives one extra personal day a year.


Our program recognizes the need to train not only great clinicians, but also outstanding leaders and teachers in the field of pediatrics. In the spirit of Nemours’ commitment to growing leaders and improving work performance and personal development, we have developed a curriculum that will provide our residents with the skills essential to becoming leaders in the medical system. A series of retreats, at the PL1, PL2 and PL3 level helps accomplish this goal.

The intern retreat’s theme is Self Awareness, aiming to explore unique aspects of the individual and provide basic teaching tools in the context of understanding varying personality types. This retreat lays the foundation for team building.

The second year retreat focuses on The World Around Us: Interpersonal and Group Dynamics; exploring group dynamics and how individuals work within groups. The goal is to improve teaching skills in the context of group and interpersonal dynamics by stressing feedback training.

At the final retreat, the seniors work towards Leading and Growing Beyond Residency. The focus is on exploring the aspects of successful leadership, professional and personal development, relying on past experiential training.

All retreats last two days and are held at the beach or shore. They offer an opportunity for residents to come together as a class and to form deeper relationships.

In addition to overnight retreats, several additional one-day events occur throughout the academic year. These are planned to supplement and further the leadership and educational training curriculum. Others address specific issues, including patient safety, career planning, patients with terminal care issues, and preparing for new responsibilities that come with promotion to the next level.

Spring Fling

A yearly event, this is a residency-sponsored get-together to break the monotony of the winter. You’ll even help select the location and entertainment for this annual celebration.

Happy Hour

You can be take part in the coordination of frequent hospital-wide Happy Hours designed to build a sense of camaraderie among nurses, respiratory therapists, and faculty.

Senior Dinner/End of Year Prom

A senior resident dinner is held for graduating residents and their significant others in May. There is a festive graduation ceremony for resident’s family and friends to celebrate their accomplishments in June. This ceremony is also attended by the hospital community.
Residents and attendings celebrate a successful year at a formal dinner dance in June.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Many events are organized by second- and third-year residents and carry on a tradition of service. From volunteering at the Delaware Children's Museum to teaching children and their families about nutrition and exercise at a local school, our residents have an impact on the local communities.

We’re also heavily involved in advocacy in the community.

Community Events

Asthma Day

Asthma Day is a popular annual fall event hosted by the pediatric residents at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children which provides education and awareness about asthma. Events include: free flu shots, an “asthma bus”, tables about asthma triggers/smoking prevention/asthma physiology/medications/etc. A prevention rapper, “Ain’t No Puff Daddy” performs.

Community Health Clinics

Orange Street Clinic

Pediatric residents participate in the practice and management of our Orange Street Clinic, which was established by the Jefferson pediatric residents to help the underserved children of our area. At Orange Street, residents and volunteer attendings provide a bi-weekly clinic in the Salvation Army Women and Children's shelter. Children at the clinic are seen for acute problems, receive routine immunizations, have follow up for chronic health concerns, and get referrals for ongoing health concerns. The residents also manage the clinic by organizing the staffing schedules, acquiring the medications and supplies, and arranging follow up. Overall, it has been a wonderful success for the community and our residents.


JeffHOPE is an organization run entirely by the students of Sidney Kimmel Medical College that provides health care services to the underserved throughout Philadelphia. JeffHOPE runs five weekly clinics, two at women & children's shelters, two at men's shelters, and one alongside a needle exchange site. Jefferson residents play a significant role staffing these clinics, educating students, and providing for the needs of the underserved. Many students and residents volunteer in the evenings or on weekends. JeffHOPE is one of the oldest free care clinics in the United States.
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International Experience

The residency program recognizes the value of learning Pediatrics in unique environments. This includes practicing and learning among professionals in other countries. In recent years, our residents had the opportunity to experience how Pediatrics is practiced in countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Egypt, India, Australia, England, Rwanda, Honduras and many others.

We have developed this into an international health curriculum that teaches international medicine and provides a more global perspective on healthcare. We also recently started a global health track. This track is open to five residents per year and offers personalized training in global health matters both here and abroad.

Every year a group of residents spend two weeks in a rural fishing village on the North Coast of Haiti providing much needed acute and preventive care to the surrounding population. As of 2015, a new training site in Rwanda has been established for those interested in a more in-depth global health experience.

The residency program schedule affords time for you to participate in such experiences. In addition, residents are encouraged to work with the global health advisors in developing an international experience of their own.

Many residents will participate in an international experience while in our residency. As part of their outpatient rotations, residents also will work in the Nemours Pediatric Refugee Clinic located on the Jefferson Campus. There they will become the medical home for various populations seeking a new life in the United States.

To learn more, please feel free to contact the program coordinator or Dr. Christopher Raab, Medical Director for International Health.

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