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Predoctoral Internship Training in Clinical Psychology


Interns are welcome and encouraged to participate in ongoing research. In the past postdoctoral funding has been obtained via hospital-funded projects. While research experiences are supported and many interns participate in and present research at conferences, we view the internship year as a clinical training experience and as such, clinical experience activities are primary. Faculty members are involved in numerous research projects.

Current active research studies include:
  • Self-Management of Type I Diabetes During Adolescence
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Type I Diabetes
  • Motivational Interviewing in Parent-Based Behavioral Consultation
  • Psychological Screening for Bariatric Surgery
  • Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Cardiac Patients

Medical Residency Training

Several faculty members are actively engaged in residency training for pediatric and family practice residents. Medical residents observe and participate in psychological evaluations and parent feedback conferences in order to gain familiarity with standard and appropriate psychological services as well as the varied roles of psychologists in medical settings.

Residents also observe and participate in the Behavior Consultation Clinic, a short-term goal-oriented treatment service. The role of Psychology in these activities highlights the degree to which we are integrated within the hospital as well as our commitment to training. Interns are routinely included in these activities and encouraged to participate.

Post Doctoral Opportunities

Postdoctoral opportunities are available, allowing some interns to stay on an extra year. The nature of these positions vary year to year. Next year, we have eight postdoctoral fellows. For more information regarding our fellowship training, please contact Dr. Colleen Sherman, fellowship training director, at

Research at Nemours

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Benefits & Support

Interns are eligible to participate in tax-deferred child-care, medical care, disability, and retirement annuity programs and are welcome to use hospital sports medicine, library, and computer facilities.

There is a child-care facility on-site. Health insurance for children of hospital employees is provided free of charge (i.e., no premium).

Professional Development

Intern professional development is supported in a number of ways. Work time is released for educational experiences for interns (e.g., travel to national conferences with relevant continuing education workshops).

Interns participate in abundant cross-discipline in-house continuing education workshops at no charge. Release time is provided for Nemours related professional presentations at regional or national conferences, such as APA or the Conference of Child Health Psychology.

Support Personnel

Interns have access to support personnel, including five full-time psychology/psychiatry support staff, one check-in/check-out billing liaison, and medical transcriptionists. Support staff aid in scheduling patients, obtaining authorizations, patient check-in/check-out and other clerical work. Also serving the Division are volunteers who are available for routine clerical assigned work, such as filing and compiling patient information packets.

There are also personnel to assist with staff and intern research project protocols. For example, the Medical Education Office assists with poster preparations, editing and review tasks, in addition to slide preparation (Photography). There is also statistical consultation available for hospital based research studies. Finally, there is computer/technological support available on a daily basis.

Office Space & Equipment

Interns share a large office located in the Division of Behavioral Health next to clinic space. Each intern has his/her own individual network computer, e-mail account, and voice mail. Computer support training, electronic medical record use, and internet access are also provided. Remote access to the hospital serve is also available.

Clinical Space & Equipment

Space for seeing patients includes nine therapy rooms, four of which are equipped for live supervision via one-way mirrors or video capabilities. Sports medicine facilities are also used therapeutically. There is also an extensive playground at the entrance to the outpatient lobby.

Research Support

There is availability of statistical consultation for Institution Research Board approved research projects at no charge, as well as availability of small grant research awards (Nemours Research Programs), awarded on the basis on scientific merit. Learn More About Research at Nemours »

Stipend & Benefits

Annual Stipend:



As employees, interns are provided an ample benefits package including:

  • 20 Basic Leave days (i.e., vacation)
  • 9 paid extended leave days (i.e., sick leave)
  • subsidized health insurance
  • 7 paid holidays
  • free on-site parking

Life in Wilmington

Wilmington is located halfway between New York City and Washington, DC (100 miles each direction). We are also only 25 minutes to the Philadelphia airport, 35 minutes to center city Philadelphia, 90 minutes to downtown Baltimore, 60 minutes to Lancaster County, PA (“Amish Country”), 90 minutes to Atlantic City, and 90 minutes to Delaware’s Atlantic Ocean Beaches. Wilmington also has rail access to Amtrak and Septa commuter trains.

Wilmington is close to many beautiful tourist destinations including Winterthur Museum Garden and Library, Longwood Gardens, Valley Forge, Brandywine Battlefield, Brandywine River Museum, Historic New Castle, Hagley Museum and Garden, and numerous scenic state parks.

For more information, you may visit the Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Emily Bernabe, PhD

(Temple University, 2013)
Autism, Early Childhood Behavioral Difficulties

Jason Boye, PhD

(UNC, Greensboro, 2014)
Weight Management, Primary Care

Christina Cammarata, PhD

(Central Michigan University, 2009)
body Focused Repetive Behavior Disorders, OCD, PCIT

Johanna Carpenter, PhD

(Temple University, 2011)
anxiety, early childhood behavioral difficulties, diabetes adjustment/adherence, primary care

Stephanie Chopko, PhD

(University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2011)
cerebral palsy, developmental disorders/delays, intellectual disabilities, early intervention, sibling/family issues, behavior problems, anxiety

Megan Cohen, PhD

(University of Florida, 2013)
primary care, health promotion and prevention

Colleen Cullinan, PhD

(Western Michigan University, 2015)
primary care, ADHD, child/adolescent therapy

Laura Dewey, PhD

(University of Texas Southwestern
Med Center at Dallas, 2011)
autism spectrum disorders assessment and treatment

Rochelle Glidden, PsyD

(Rutgers University, 1999)
learning and neurodevelopmental disabilities, school consultation, oncology and craniofacial/cleft palate

Roger Harrison, PhD

(Brigham Young University, 2006)
primary care, ADHD, adolescent therapy, family systems therapy

Cheyenne Hughes-Reid, PhD

(Lehigh University, 2011)
primary care, GI and school consultation

Meghan McAuliffe Lines, PhD

(University of Delaware, 2009)
primary care, health and prevention

Maia Noeder, PhD

(Case Western Reserve University, 2014)
early childhood behavioral/developmental issues, end stage renal disease

Jennifer Shroff Pendley, PhD

(Indiana University, 1993)
diabetes, medical adherence, behavior management, training

Julia Price, PhD

(Temple University, 2012)
diabetes/medical adherence, medical trauma

Steven Reader, PhD

(University of Florida, 2007)
ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders, sickle cell, GI

Katherine Salamon, PhD

(University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2012)
chronic pain

Colleen Sherman, PhD

(Temple University, 1995)
early childhood pediatric psychology, developmental delays, behavioral difficulties, feeding assessments and treatment

Erica Sood, PhD

(Temple University, 2009)
cardiology, medical adherence


Current & Past Interns


  • Allyson Davis
    Loma Linda University
  • Kristina Duncombe
    Brigham Young University
  • Paul Enlow
    West Virginia University
  • Kimberly Genurario
    Case Western Reserve University
  • Meena Khowaja
    Georgia State University
  • Linda McWhorter
    University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Elpida-Hope Nissirios
    American School of Professional Psychology, Argosy, Washington DC
  • Anna Swan
    Temple University


  • William Black
    University of Missouri – Kansas City
  • Erin Brannon
    Oklahoma State University
  • Christina Ehrman-Holbein
    Loyola University Chicago
  • Stevie Grassetti
    University of Delaware
  • Elizabeth Nicholls
    Drexel University
  • Kerry Prout
    Utah State University
  • Lynda Sosa-Lowry
    University at Buffalo
  • Mallory Zehe
    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


  • Sarah Beals
    University of Kansas
  • Shana Boyle
    University of Florida
  • Kathleen Davis
    Loyola University
  • Danielle Graef
    University of Florida
  • Maia Noeder
    Case Wester University
  • Leah Orchinik
    Case Western University
  • Adina Seidenfeld
    University of Delaware


  • Megan Crawford
    University of Florida
  • Karla Fehr
    Case Western University
  • Glori Gray
    George Fox University
  • Beth Logan
    University of Maine
  • Kelly O'Neil
    Temple University
  • Jessica Pierce
    University of Southern Mississippi
  • Connor Puleo
    Temple University


  • Sarah Cruce
    St. Louis University
  • Tracy Dobson
    La Salle University
  • Julia Price
    Temple University
  • Grace Shelby
    Vanderbilt University
  • Kari Struemph
    Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kevin Triemstra
    Central Michigan University


  • Lydia Barhight
    University of Delaware
  • Johanna Carpenter
    Temple University
  • Elizabeth Malesa
    Vanderbilt University
  • Lydia Barhight
    University of Delaware
  • Christina Salley
    Ohio State University
  • Lora Scagliola
    University of Rhode Island
  • Karen Wolheiter
    University of Maryland, Baltimore County


  • Jennifer Bubier
    Temple University
  • Lauren Clary
    St. Louis University
  • Claire Smith Gaskins
    University of Delaware
  • Matthew James
    Ohio State University
  • Meena Lambha
    Auburn University
  • Kimberly Miller
    Ohio State University



  • Kari Baber
    Vanderbilt University
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
    Drexel University
  • Emily Iobst
    University of Cincinnati
  • Michael Morrow
    University of Delaware
  • Erica Sood
    Temple University
  • Nicole Zahka
    University of Miami


  • Polly Gipson
    DePaul University
  • Michele Herzer Rosalind
    Franklin University
  • Carrah James
    University of Georgia
  • Meghan McAuliffe
    University of Delaware
  • Natalie Rosenthal
    University of Delaware
  • Jennie Wall
    Loyola College, MD


  • Monica Bocanegra
    University of Miami
  • Tracy Loye Masterson
    Kent State University
  • Danielle Rosnov
    University of Kansas
  • Melissa Sumner
    University of Delaware
  • Amanda Thompson
    University of Pittsburgh


  • Caitlin Dunning
    Loyola College, MD
  • Michelle Nuttall Eakin
    University of Houston
  • Michelle Harwood
    University of Florida
  • Dahra Jackson
    University of Miami
  • William Sharp
    University of Mississippi


Past interns have obtained post-doctoral or faculty positions at places such as Brown University, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, University of Florida, Texas Children’s Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

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Rochelle Glidden, PsyD

Director of Clinical Training
(302) 651-4525

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