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Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program

Our Promise to Help Families Grow Knows No Borders

Addressing the Unique Medical and Developmental Needs of Internationally Adopted Children

We know the process of adopting a child from another country can be overwhelming. Each year, thousands of American families adopt children from overseas, and the number continues to grow. Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program, an international adoption clinic led by doctors with decades of combined experience caring for adopted children and their families. 

What to Expect

From Your International Adoption Consultation With Nemours

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program is designed to help adopting parents navigate the medical and psychological parts of international adoption, while giving you the tools to make the right choices for your family. We provide pre-adoption evaluations and medical reviews (once a child has been identified) for children from countries all over the world. 

Our program has expertise in adoptive children with special needs, including fetal alcohol syndrome, HIV, cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other medical and behavioral disorders in adopted children. Plus, as part of Nemours Children’s Health, our international adoption medicine experts have immediate access to pediatric specialists in many areas of expertise, including a collaborative team across multiple locations, if needed.

Because adoption is for life, we’ll be here with you every step of the way, for as long as you need us. 

Pre-Adoption Consultations and Medical Reviews
Prior to adopting your child, our international adoption medicine experts can help you:
  • identify potential medical issues based on a child’s geography and care setting
  • review medical records and photos that have been provided (once a child has been identified)
  • help you determine potential long-term medical care needs and challenges
  • provide on-call telephone and email support during adoption-related travel
Post-Adoption Services

If you proceed with an international adoption, you have the option to do your child’s immediate follow-up care at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando or Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware.

These evaluations are typically covered by insurance and would include:
  • determining any prescription, immunization and medical equipment needs
  • determining the need to meet with other specialists to discuss specific diagnoses
  • the creation of an individualized long-term care plan for your child and family

Once you return home, whether you choose Nemours for your child’s long-term care or you need assistance with establishing a plan closer to home, our team will assist you with the following:

  • our international adoption specialists’ recommendations for ongoing care
  • scheduled follow-ups with other Nemours specialists, if needed

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Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program

Phone: (302) 651-4993

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program provides immediate access to pediatric medical experts in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Nemours Cares for Children Internationally

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program is part of the Nemours Children’s Health, providing immediate access to pediatric primary and specialty care experts in Delaware, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

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