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Nemours Children's International Medicine Adoption Program

Nemours International Adoption Medicine Program is a program that provides pre-adoption clinical consultations and post-adoption evaluations to parents who are in the process of adopting a child from another country.

Evaluating the health status of a child in another country is challenging, but we’re here to help. International adoptees who have lived in an orphanage or other care setting may have special needs in addition to immediate or long-term medical health issues. Although domestic adoptions may also face these challenges, our program has focused expertise on new, international adoptions.

Needs that may be specific to your international adoption include:

  • Many international adoption agencies require that parents have pediatric physicians review the potential adoptee’s medical records and advise the parents of the child’s current and future medical care needs prior to finalizing the adoption.
  • Depending on country and agency requirements, a letter validating this visit and evaluation may need to be provided.

Pre-Adoption Consultation and Medical Reviews

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program provides pre-adoption consultations. Our goal is to provide families the best possible information about a child’s present and future health needs so that each family can make the best decision.

Consultations are usually done by phone and they involve sharing information with you about known health concerns in specific parts of the world. Once a child has been identified, it’s time for the pre-adoption medical review. We understand time is often of the essence when it comes to the pre-adoption medical reviews.

Our international medicine adoption program experts have plenty of experience and will be as responsive as possible.

  • Because pre-adoption medical reviews are not covered by private insurance, there is a flat fee of $500 for the initial consultation.
  • During your adoption-related travel, 24-hour on-call support by email or phone is included in our pre-adoption consultation fee.
  • As payment options, we accept cash and credit cards as well as wire transfers and other methods. If you have questions regarding payment options you can discuss them with a Nemours financial specialist on weekdays during office hours by calling (302) 651-4993.

Post-Adoption Evaluations

Should you move forward with the adoption and bring the child back to Nemours, there are follow up visits that are covered by insurance. Additional care may be needed based on the child’s diagnosis.

Long-Term Care Options

Once you’ve completed your post-adoption clinic visits, if your child needs care in the long term, we can answer questions and support your child’s primary care doctor and other specialists if necessary, to ensure your family has the best chance for a happy, healthy future.

Costs & Covered Care

Medical Review Fee

There’s a flat fee of $500 for pre-adoption medical reviews. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are accepted.


If you need a pre-adoption consultation, contact us:
Phone: (302) 651-4993

Care Coverage

Follow-up care visits with your adopted child are covered by insurance.
Insurance We Accept

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