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Interpreter Services

We can provide a variety of language and cultural services before, during and after your child’s international adoption. Learn More »

Interpreter Services

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program

At Nemours, language is never a barrier. We accommodate families from all over the world and we have resources and team members to help you with these needs.

We have interpreters available to help you in any conversation, whether your family is at Nemours Children’s Hospital or through a 24-hour-a-day telephone interpreter services. Sign language services are accessible for the hearing-impaired.

Medical Records From Your Child’s Doctor, Caregiver or Adoption Agency

Once a child has been identified, his or her medical records and as much additional information as possible (including photos and video) should be sent so that we can provide guidance during the pre-adoption medical review.

  • Your child’s records need to be translated into English in order for us to provide an evaluation and overall risk assessment.  
  • You can send medical records to Nemours via email, FedEx, postal service or fax.
    Mailing Address:
    Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware
    1600 Rockland Rd.
    Wilmington, Delaware 19803
    Attn: International Medicine Adoption Program
  • Medical records are protected by HIPAA privacy laws in the United States.
  • Medical record translation is the responsibility of adoptive parents. You can send us records already translated (we can provide names of reputable medical record translation companies), or we can arrange to send records out for translation at your cost.