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Interpreter Services

We can provide a variety of language and cultural services before, during and after your child’s international adoption. Learn More »

Recommended Resources

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program

Medical Issues and Adoption is the No. 1 most-visited children’s health site — with dozens of articles available for kids, parents and teens about adoption — including medical issues in adoption. Some of the most frequent medical care needs related to international adoptions also have articles available, including cleft lip and cleft palate, sleep problems, developmental delays, adjusting to school and emotional attachment. 


To learn more about international adoptions and immunizations, visit the Immunization Action Coalition

Pediatric Medical Care & Recommended Screenings

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers lots of information and resources about adoption, including information about internationally adopted children.

Nemours Family Advisory Council for International Adoptions

Interact with other families who share your experience, and provide input to our program to help other families. For more information contact

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program provides immediate access to pediatric medical experts in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Nemours Cares for Children Internationally

Nemours International Medicine Adoption Program is part of the Nemours Children’s Health, providing immediate access to pediatric primary and specialty care experts in Delaware, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Nemours is a nonprofit pediatric health system dedicated to:

  • life-changing medical care and research.
  • helping kids grow up healthy.
  • advocating for kids nationally.
  • training tomorrow’s pediatric experts.