Appointment Process

International Medicine Program

The Nemours International Medicine Team will work with you to gather all the necessary medical information and records and then will partner with the Nemours specialists to develop a customized care plan that fits the medical needs of your child, ensuring your child gets exactly the care they need.  

To start the appointment process, your first contact should be by phone, email or through our international medicine contact form.

What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Visit to Nemours

Once you contact our office, our team will contact you within 24 business hours to assist you through the steps below. Before, during and after your child’s care, you’ll have one person from the international medicine team who will always be your single point of contact.

Before Your Visit
  • fill out a new patient contact form
  • gather and translate your child's medical records to English
  • our team will work with the doctors to determine the most appropriate physician and treatment plan
  • our team will schedule your child’s appointment dates and times
  • travel and visa confirmation (if necessary)
Financial Services
  • cost estimation
  • insurance verification
  • payment options
Travel and Lodging
  • airport options
  • ground transportation options
  • hotels and long-term accommodation options
During Your Visit

Once you arrive at your selected hotel or lodging, our international medicine team will provide the following services:

  • contact you upon your arrival
  • meet you before your first appointment
  • provide financial counseling
  • escort you to your initial appointment
  • help schedule additional appointments
  • assist with any pharmaceutical and medical equipment needs
  • assist with guest services needs
  • provide medical records as they become available
After Your Visit

As you prepare to return home, our team will assist you with:

  • follow-up with Nemours physicians
  • facilitate communication with the treating physician in your country
  • provide copies of your Nemours medical records to take home with you (as they become available)
  • assist with pharmaceutical needs
  • schedule follow-up appointments (if necessary)

Medical Records

Medical Records: Patient Records From Your Child's Doctor

Your child’s medical records must be received and translated before we can schedule an appointment. Medical records are protected by HIPAA privacy laws in the United States.

  • Your child’s records must be translated into English before we can proceed with scheduling an appointment. 
  • You can send medical records to Nemours via email, FedEx, postal service or even fax.
    • Email:
    • Fax: +1 (302) 298-8986
    • Postal Address:
      Attention: International Medicine Program Office
      1600 Rockland Road., Wilmington, DE 19803 USA
  • Medical record translation is a patient’s responsibility. You can send us records already translated, or we can arrange to send it out for translation at your cost.  

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