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International Medicine Program

Contact Information

Contact Information

Our dedicated international medicine team is here to help. Here are some of the ways you can ask us questions or share information about your child’s care:

Phone: +1 (302) 651-4993
Fax: +1 (302) 298-8986
Postal Address:
Global Health Services
1600 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE 19803  USA

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our International Medicine Team

Maggie Lynch, BSN, MBA, RN

Maggie Veloski, BSN, MBA, RN

Global Health Services Program Director

Maggie Veloski is the Nemours Global Health Services Program Director and is responsible for the operational oversight, programmatic growth, and coordination of services provided by the International Medicine, International Medicine Adoption, Global Outreach, Global Health and Disaster Relief Programs. She works closely with the organizational leadership to develop, promote, execute and maintain strategic and business plans in a direction that fosters the mission, goals and objectives of these programs, in concert with the strategic direction of the organization. In her role as program director, Mrs. Veloski represents Nemours in business development initiatives, relationship development with international patients, physicians and organizations. She facilitates dialogue between clinical, business and government leaders to develop and foster clinical relationships focused on care of the international pediatric patient.

Christopher P. Raab, MD

Global Health Services Medical Director

In 2005, Dr. Raab joined the staff at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware in the Diagnostic Referral Division. He has remained an active member of the Division. Clinically he has multiple responsibilities, These include Ward Attending at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware, Inpatient Attending for Diagnostic Referral Service, Preceptor for Residents and Medical Students at duPont at Jefferson Pediatric Continuity Clinic, Medical Care for Children at Kencrest Pediatric Medical Home and Exceptional Care for Children, Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Attending on Liver Transplant Service, and in our Diagnostic Referral Clinic where he sees patients for a myriad of problems and second opinions. He also is an associate editor and member of the editorial Board for The Merck Manual.

Dr. Raab’s true passion is International Medicine and Global Health Education and improving the care of children, wherever they maybe. He has been the Director of the Nemours Pediatric Refugee Clinic since its inception in 2010. He was awarded the 2012 Health Center/Clinic of the Year at the 2012 Philadelphia Healthcare Innovation Awards. He is a founding member of the North American Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers. He has led teams of physicians around the world in a variety of roles, in countries including: disaster relief (Haiti), post-op surgical care of pediatric liver transplant patients (Bolivia), rural primary care in Haiti, Uganda, Honduras and Guatemala, as well as educational and facility needs assessments of health care facilities in Rwanda, Bolivia and Haiti. He has established and runs the Pediatric Resident Global Track as the Director of Pediatric Global Health. He is also a member of Thomas Jefferson University’s Global Health Initiatives Committee. He has been the Medical Director of the Nemours International Medicine Program since 2015.

Dr. Raab earned a BS in Biology/History at Muhlenberg College in Allentown Pa., and received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine. While there, he received the Waldo E. Nelson Pediatric Award as the outstanding senior student in Pediatrics. He received his pediatric training at The Thomas Jefferson University/Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware. During his residency he received the Herman Rosenblum, MD. Award for Excellence as the Outstanding Senior Resident as chosen by the Pediatric Faculty as well as the Resident Teaching Award in recognition of Outstanding Teaching, Clinical Excellence and support of the Pediatric Resident chosen by his fellow residents. After his residency, he was chosen to serve a Chief Resident in Pediatrics at The Thomas Jefferson University/Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware.

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Damaris Perez, CPC-H, CRCS-I/CRCS-P

Global Health Services Financial Supervisor

Damaris has been with Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware since 2005 and joined the International Medicine Team in 2015. She brings more than 18 years of health care revenue cycle experience to the department and is responsible for the operations of the Global Health Services patient account management. As an associate who excels at communication and is fluent in both Spanish and English, her contribution to the team goes far beyond her role in finance. Damaris maintains close relationships with the families she serves while overseeing all patient-related financial activity, including but not limited to: insurance verification, financial counselling, estimate development, billing, collection, and reporting of patient financial accounts. 

Damaris is dual-certified through the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management® as a Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist-Institutional and Professional. She is also a Certified Professional Coder-Hospital, validating her specialized payment knowledge in addition to CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS Level II coding skills. Additional responsibilities include the development and implementation of strategies and procedures designed to improve revenue cycle and the effectiveness of international patient financial services.

Ben Sheets of the International Medicine Program.

Benjamin J Sheets, BS, RN

Nurse Care Coordinator, International Medicine Program, International Adoption Program

Ben Sheets is a registered nurse with over 20 years of clinical experience. Ben earned his bachelor’s degree from The Pennsylvania State University. Originally hired in 2005, Ben spent the majority of his clinical time caring for children with cancer and blood disorders. He served as Assistant Nurse Manager and Flow Supervisor for both the inpatient Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and outpatient hematology/oncology clinic. He began a new chapter in 2016, when he became part of the International Medicine team as the nurse care coordinator. In this new role, Ben has helped families from over 30 countries find their way to Nemours for the expert care they need. As a parent who recently adopted a child from China, Ben’s experience and passion for adoption led him to create the International Medicine Adoption Program. This new enterprise-wide program is focused on assisting prospective parents along the continuum of adoption from initial medical record review to post-adoption interview. In addition to his care coordination work, Ben is currently working on a multi-year strategic plan to grow the adoption program.

Rossana Carannante of the International Medicine Program.

Rossana Carannante

International Medicine Coordinator

Rossana joined Nemours almost seven years ago as a patient relations representative, and joined the department of Global Services two years ago. She coordinates the arrival, clinical review and medical appointments for international patients coming from around the world.

Rossana enjoys working with families around the world to help patients gain access to quality health care services not available in their home country. Trilingual in English, Italian and Spanish, Rossana effectively guides families through the process of becoming a patient at Nemours.

She assists families with any needs they request, ensuring she delivers the best experience possible.

Rossana supervises department volunteers, and coordinates patients’ needs with volunteers as appropriate to ensure pristine customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Process
How do I make an appointment? 

There are a few steps to complete before we can schedule appointment dates and times. Parents, guardians, or a liaison must fill out the international medicine contact form. A member of the International Medicine Team will contact you and work to gather more detailed information, including medical records. Our team will then work with Nemours doctors to determine the most appropriate physician and treatment plan, and determine when an appointment might be scheduled. Please note, a certified translator must translate all medical records into English. Nemours will not fund the translation of medical records but can assist you in finding a reputable company for this service.

Do I need a referral from a physician?

Your payer may require a referral — your coordinator will inform you if this is a requirement.

Medical Records
How should I send my child’s medical records?

You can send your child’s medical records to Nemours via email, FedEx, DHL, United States Postal Service or fax.

Fax: +1 (302) 298-8986
Postal Address: Attention: Global Health Services
1600 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 USA

Can I send medical documents written in other languages?

Medical records must be provided in English. Medical record translation is a patient’s responsibility. Nemours will not fund the translation of medical records but can assist you in finding a reputable company for this service. A certified translator must translate all medical records into English.

Travel & Accommodations
Where can I stay while receiving care at Nemours?

Our international medicine team can help your family arrange your visit, including transportation, hotels and long-term accommodation.

Can your office write a letter for us so we can apply for a visa?

Although Nemours doesn’t issue visas, we can provide letters and paperwork when required for visa applications and ease of travel.

Financial Services
What is the cost of care at Nemours?

Nemours International Medicine Financial Services will provide you a cost estimate based on the personalized treatment plan developed for your child’s conditions. The cost estimate is free. It is an estimated guess of what your child’s treatment will cost, and it is not a guarantee. Each patient’s family is responsible for all non-medical related costs, including lodging, food, travel and transportation.

Will my insurance cover the cost of services at Nemours?

Nemours contracts with international insurers. Because insurance requirements and limitations vary, our dedicated International Medicine Financial Services Team can assist you with insurance questions and other financial services before, during and after your visit.

About Nemours Children’s Health System
What is Nemours Children’s Health System?

Nemours is committed to improving the health of children. As a nonprofit children’s health organization, we consider the health of every child to be a sacred trust. And we provide culturally appropriate care for kids and families who travel to our locations from outside the United States.

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