Travel & Accommodations

International Medicine Program

We offer comprehensive care and treatments for your child, plus support services and amenities designed to care for your entire family. Our facilities are designed to make everyone as comfortable as possible. From travel to treatment and beyond, we’re here to help.

Visas for Medical Treatment May Be Required

We do not issue visas, but some patients from outside the United States may require a visa. Check with “U.S. Visas (U.S. Department of State)” to see if you require a visa to receive medical treatment. Learn How to Obtain a U.S. Visa »

Help With Travel

Our international medicine team can help your family arrange your visit, including:

  • airport options
  • ground transportation
  • hotels and long-term accommodation options (some locations allow parents to sleep in the hospital room overnight)

Religious Services & Cultural Needs

Nemours has religious services, spiritual care and nondenominational chapels located at both of our hospitals. Spiritual care is available day or night, our team can also help with:

  • shopping and dietary needs
  • cultural customs
  • services and counsel at local religions institutions