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Sports Injury Care and Prevention

As an athletic director, coaching staff member or activity coordinator, you help student athletes achieve their best performance while being as safe as possible. Parents look to you for guidance and coaching, in addition to helping them ensure their kids meet all the requirements for eligibility. As experts in children’s health, we’re here to help you address the physical, social and emotional needs of early adolescence.

Advice From the Pros

Our series of sports medicine videos was created for coaches and parents of young athletes to address common health issues related to sports.

Preventing ACL Injuries: How education, training and awareness can improve knee safety.

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Female Athlete Triad

Disordered eating, menstrual periods and osteoporosis in female athletes. 

Healthy and Hydrated

The benefits of hydrating before, during and after the game.

Heat-Related Illness

Recognize the signs and how to keep athletes cool and safe.

7 Rs of Concussions

Recognize the signs of concussions.

Preventing Overuse Injuries

Recognize the stages and reduce the risk for permanent injury.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Keep athletes in the game with a few simple moves.

Printable Handouts for Your Athlete

Sports medicine is a distinct specialty because athletes have different demands and expectations of their bodies — but young athletes are not simply smaller versions of adult athletes.

Here are some resources for you to use and share with your coaching staff, parents and athletes:

Beat the Heat

How to stay hydrated during practice and games.
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