Discovery of Genetic Markers of Speech Delay

Clinical Trial

Offered by: Nemours
Location: Delaware Valley

What is the trial about?

Enrollment is open from now until July 20, 2018. Your child’s direct participation is limited to one visit to our lab lasting about an hour. But, in order to learn as much as we can, we plan to store all of the recordings, measurements, and genetic material from this study indefinitely for analysis.

Who can participate?

Children aged 4-9 who have, or had in the past, a speech delay of unknown origin. We will screen candidates for eligibility. Exclusionary criteria include a history of cleft palate, hearing loss, autism spectrum disorder, or cognitive delay, among others. Some children who have normal speech will be included for comparison. All participants must be native speakers of English.

What is involved?

We will measure your child’s ability to hear very quiet sounds. This test will tell us if your child has normal hearing acuity for pure tones. For other tests, your child will be asked to sit in front of a computer screen, in a sound isolated chamber, wearing headphones with a microphone. A researcher will stay in the booth with the child the entire time. You may also observe or be in the booth if you or your child desires. Sometimes your child will respond to computer prompts by choosing a picture on the screen in front of them. Sometimes your child’s speech will be recorded as they repeat words. A researcher will test how well your child pronounces their speech sounds. Your child will also be asked to donate a small sample (2 milliliters) of saliva becuase it contains genetic material.

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Trial Name: Discovery of Genetic Markers of Speech Delay

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