Pediatric Cataract Surgery Outcomes Registry

Clinical Trial

Offered by: Nemours
Location: Delaware Valley

What is the trial about?

This study collects information on pediatric cataract surgery outcomes to develop better treatment plans for children needing cataract surgery.

Who can participate?

Children who have had cataracts surgery in one or both eyes within the last 45 days are eligible to participate if they were 12 years old or younger at the time of surgery.

What is involved?

The protocol involves the establishment of a registry to collect data on children who have undergone cataract surgery. At the time of enrollment into the study, demographic information including size of household and parent education level will be collected by the study coordinator from an interview with the parent. Information from the child’s medical record, including birth history, demographic and socioeconomic information, medical history, information regarding cataract diagnosis and management, and most recent ocular exam findings will be collected. For five years following cataracts surgery, information will be collected from notes taken during your child’s standard care visits, including medical, medication, and eye treatment history, and eye exam data such as visual acuity. There are no office visits required for the study. Information will be collected after your child has had surgery for cataracts and then each year for a period of five years. There is no testing required for the study except that vision will be tested in the last year of data collection. Your child will otherwise be treated the same whether or not he or she is in the study. The study will last for 5 years, but you can decide to withdraw your child at any time.

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Trial Name: Pediatric Cataract Surgery Outcomes Registry

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