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Schedule a new patient gastroenterology appointment.

For Appointments: (302) 651-4200

What to Bring
  • photo ID
  • medical and pharmacy insurance cards
  • preferred pharmacy name and phone number
  • names and dosage of all medications, including over-the-counter medication, your child is currently taking
  • guardianship and custody papers, if a legal guardian rather than a parent accompanies your child
Returning Patients
  • Patient Presents Without Legal Guardian (PDF)
    English | Spanish
    Note: A parent or legal guardian must be with a child for a first visit.
Forms & Resources
Returning Patient Forms
  • Patient Presents Without Legal Guardian (PDF)
    English | Spanish
    Note: A parent or legal guardian must be with a child for a first visit.
Resources for Patients & Families

U.S. News & World Report Best Children’s Hospitals: Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

At Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, pediatric gastroenterologists provide comprehensive care for children with a wide variety of digestive disorders and pediatric GI conditions.

The goal of treatment is always to alleviate your child’s symptoms as quickly as possible, and, when necessary, to provide an ongoing management plan to maintain your child’s good digestive health.

Nemours outpatient specialty clinics care for children with:
  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • celiac disease
  • eosinophilic esophagitis (allergic inflammation of the swallowing tube)
We also provide inpatient hospital care services for children who have:
  • general pediatric GI problems
  • the need for intraveneous nutrition (when food cannot be taken by mouth)

Additionally, we have a board-certified hepatologist (liver specialist) on staff to
work with patients who have liver disease, as well as with the solid organ
transplant team in providing pre-transplant and post-transplant care for children
with liver failure.

What to Expect at Your Pediatric GI Visit

Your child’s initial visit with us will include a thorough physical exam by one of our expert pediatric gastroenterologists, medical and family history, and questions about the frequency and severity of your child’s symptoms.

Based on our findings, we may recommend additional tests, including:
  • blood and urine tests
  • specialized X-rays, such as an Upper GI study
  • endoscopy (evaluating the esophagus, stomach, or intestines
    through a tiny scope).

Typically, a scope is inserted, under sedation, into your child’s upper digestive tract via the throat or into the intestines via the anus (colonoscopy), depending on what view is necessary.

Helping You & Your Child Understand Our Procedures

If your child needs a traditional endoscopy or colonoscopy, you can watch an easy-to-use animated program, created by Emmi® Kids, to help you better understand the procedure and what to expect at every step.

"Camera in a Pill:" A Non-Invasive Approach to Pediatric GI Tests

At duPont Hospital for Children, we offer a non-invasive alternative for some pediatric GI tests called wireless capsule endoscopy. Essentially a "camera in a pill," is a state-of-the-art procedure that provides high-quality images in a less invasive way. This technique allows doctors to see parts of the small intestine that are often difficult to see using other means.

What to Expect With Pediatric Surgery

If your child needs surgery, you can trust our pediatric surgical team at Nemours. Our pediatric surgical specialists (surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses) understand what kids need, psychologically and physically. Our guidebook provides step-by-step instructions and information about what to expect before, during and right after surgery at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children.