Heart Surgery

An infant prepares to undergo pediatric heart surgery

For children with serious heart disease, pediatric heart surgery may be the best treatment option. As national leaders in pediatric cardiology, Nemours’ pediatric heart surgeons have the experience, skills, and advanced technology required to provide swift diagnosis and treatment. We can help kids with virtually any heart condition — even newborns only hours old — right when it matters most.

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Pediatric heart surgery is performed to repair and reorganize abnormal structures in a child’s heart so that the heart muscle isn’t overburdened. Early diagnosis and treatment allows newly constructed regions of the heart and blood vessels to grow with your child after pediatric heart surgery, preventing further damage to the heart and giving your child the very best chance of leading a long and active life.

Over the years, there’s been remarkable progress in the surgical management of heart disease in children — and Nemours’ pediatric cardiac surgeons are right there at the forefront, contributing to those incredible ongoing advances. Now, reconstructive pediatric heart surgery can help virtually all patients with structural heart disease, even the most complicated.