Voiding Dysfunction

Voiding dysfunction describes any problem that children have with emptying or filling their bladder. An overactive bladder is one of the most common types of voiding dysfunction in children and causes sudden urges to pee. With a voiding dysfunction, it might be difficult, embarrassing or simply not possible for your child to say what’s wrong. Our pediatric urology team has the experience and sensitivity to care for children in a way that helps them feel comfortable.

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What to Bring
  • photo ID
  • medical and pharmacy insurance cards
  • preferred pharmacy name and phone number
  • names and dosage of all medications, including over-the-counter medication, your child is currently taking
  • guardianship and custody papers, if a legal guardian rather than a parent accompanies your child
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    Note: A parent or legal guardian must be with a child for a first visit.
Resources for Patients & Families

Members of our pediatric urology team at our Jacksonville clinic have been named among the “Best Doctors in America®” and our reputation for excellence draws patient-families from Tallahassee, Daytona, and South Georgia, who are seeking exceptional care for their child’s urological condition.

In fact, we are a regional leader in minimally invasive urologic procedures and routinely utilize robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery. We also have the region’s only biofeedback program for helping kids with voiding dysfunction.

Among the pediatric urology services we provide are:
  • complete urologic assessment
  • pediatric gynecologic assessment
  • reconstructive surgery of urinary tract or genitalia
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • robotic surgery
  • reviews of voiding studies, voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) (X-ray images of a person's urinary system) ultrasounds and other radiologic studies

We also provide a Spina Bifida Clinic that gives children with this condition access to a team of specialists — including orthopedists, neurosurgeons, and urologists — who can manage all of their medical needs in one place.

Special Clinic Devoted to Children's Voiding Issues

We understand the impact urinary and fecal incontinence can have on your child and your family. That’s why Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville, offers a Continence Clinic for kids with problems holding or releasing urine or stool. Our coordinated care includes specialists from:

  • gastroenterology (digestive health)
  • urology (urinary health)
  • psychiatry and psychology

Our Continence Clinic staff is made up of nurses and nurse practitioners. Our specialized nurses work side-by-side with our doctors and your family to do whatever it takes to help your child with:

  • urinary and fecal incontinence
  • urinary frequency and urgency
  • recurring urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • failure to toilet train
  • chronic constipation

We can also perform tests to help address your child’s individual needs. These may include:

  • urological and gastroenterological assessment
  • uroflow testing to measure the flow and force of the urine stream
  • urodynamics studies to assess bladder and sphincter muscle function
  • high-resolution anorectal manometry (a test that uses a balloon technique to measure contractions) to evaluate the causes of pediatric constipation or fecal incontinence
  • 3-D pediatric anorectal imaging (one of the few clinics to offer this testing)

Nemours Jacksonville is also proud to offer a biofeedback program — one of the first in North Florida — which uses fun, interactive games to help kids better understand and manage this personal issue.

Pioneering Pediatric Robotic Urologic Surgery

Our Nemours urologists are helping to advance robotic surgery for children, who are often under 2 years of age.
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Nemours Pediatric Urology in Tallahassee, FL

Nemours pediatric urologists offer services the fourth Monday of every month at:

Southeastern Urological Center PA
2000 Centre Pointe Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32308
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Phone: (850) 309-0400