Nemours Children's Hospital, Orlando

13535 Nemours Parkway
Orlando, FL 32827
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Clinic Location: 3rd Floor

For Information: (407) 567-4000

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What to Bring
  • photo ID
  • medical and pharmacy insurance cards
  • preferred pharmacy name and phone number
  • names and dosage of all medications, including over-the-counter medication, your child is currently taking
  • guardianship and custody papers, if a legal guardian rather than a parent accompanies your child
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At Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL, our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) provides diagnosis, treatment, advanced life support, and monitoring for critically ill children with diverse medical and surgical problems.

What You Can Expect at the PICU

Our team consists of specially trained physicians, registered nurses, pharmacists, registered dietitians, social workers, Child Life specialists, pastoral care teams, and respiratory care staff. Together, we’re able to provide state-of-the-art care in a family-centered intensive care unit that meets your family’s physical, psychological, emotional, and social needs.

With a promise to treat your child like one of our own, Nemours experts from any number of relevant subspecialties are available to help with your child’s condition.

Extensive consultation is available with:
  • interventional radiology
  • pulmonology
  • rheumatology
  • orthopedics
  • neurology
  • genetics
  • cardiology
  • pediatric rehabilitative services

Our intensivists also engage in cooperative academic relationships with the University of Central Florida located nearby within the Lake Nona Medical City.

Advanced Child Safety and Monitoring in the PICU

NCH has employed some of the most advanced technologies available to keep your child safe. We use special security bands and a computer monitoring system so we know where your child is at all times.

What’s more, our intensivists, specialists, and nurses use highly-secure medical communication devices, via smart phone text technology, to stay in touch. This means your PICU team is in minute-to-minute contact, continuously updating each other on your child’s status and special needs.

Family-Centered Amenities in Our PICU

Our pediatric intensive care unit is truly a model of family-centered care. It was designed with input from families who know what it’s like to have a child in the hospital, so you have everything you need, all in one place.

You can stay with your child in privacy and comfort in one of our 10 large single-patient rooms with sleep accommodations for parents and a spacious bathroom, wireless internet access, and flat-screen TVs.

Other in-room features include:
  • full floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light (with sun shades and window blackout shades)
  • interactive television for patient education, communication, meal orders, room service, music, and digital artwork
  • connections for DVD players and game systems
  • LED lighting controls for patients to “paint” the room with color
  • refrigerator for family meals and snacks
  • mobile desk/dining table for in-room family dining and working
  • wardrobe storage for personal items and hotel-style safe

We offer a number of double rooms for families with twins or siblings with multiple conditions, so everyone can stay together when it matters most.

A Hospital Where You’ll Feel Right at Home

Along with expert intensivist and nursing care, we’ve created a lovely “hospital within a garden” environment that provides healing of body, mind, and spirit. With beautiful green lawns and mature trees, there are many places for you and your family to go for restful rejuvenation and respite, including our one-acre interactive sensory discovery garden or one of the rooftop gardens on the second and fourth floors.

We have many more comforts and amenities, like:
  • complimentary valet and parking
  • kid-friendly commons areas for siblings
  • café & coffee shop
  • non-denominational chapel
  • concierge services

No matter how long your child’s stay, please know that we’ll help make your family's experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

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With Your Family From Clinic or Hospital to Home: KidsTRACK

If your child has a complex or chronic condition we encourage you to take advantage of KidsTRACK, a unique service of Nemours Children’s Hospital. Located on the first floor of our hospital, KidsTRACK is designed to help families by providing expert assistance and information on all aspects of your child’s care, even before you leave our hospital or clinic.

A KidsTRACK care coordinator is available during every step of diagnosis, treatment and healing — helping your family make a smooth transition from Nemours Children's Hospital to home. Your coordinator works alongside the nursing/case managers in our subspecialty areas and acts as a single point of contact connecting you to medical and community resources.

Simply ask your physician for a referral to KidsTRACK
or call (407) 650-7715.

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