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When a baby is growing inside the womb, sometimes the anus and rectum don’t develop properly. This is called an “anorectal malformation,” and it causes problems with how a baby has a bowel movement (how they poop). Most babies need surgery to correct this right after they’re born — usually before they can go home from the hospital. At Nemours Children's, our pediatric surgeons are experts at repairing anorectal malformations in even the tiniest newborns.

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At Nemours, our pediatric surgeons work together to identify and treat anorectal malformations as early as possible. As children grow and develop, pediatric specialists and programs throughout our health system can help your family manage ongoing symptoms, or conditions that may be related to anorectal malformations (like Hirschsprung disease). For example, a bowel management program can be helpful for children, especially if they need additional surgeries.

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