Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants in children allow the deaf to hear.

Cochlear implants in children can help many children who are born deaf or who have become deaf, to hear conversation and sounds. Nemours cochlear implant program takes every aspect of your child’s auditory (hearing), developmental and social health into account. We help parents become experts on their child's hearing loss and learn how to be their child's advocate in all settings.

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A cochlear implant is a device that surgeons implant to treat children with severe to profound hearing loss who get little or no benefit from hearing aids. Unlike a hearing aid, which delivers amplified sound to the cochlea (inner ear), the cochlear implant uses electrical signals to stimulate the hearing nerve directly.

Coupled with an external microphone and small sound processor, electrodes placed inside the child's inner ear stimulate the hearing nerve with a distinct code that the brain interprets as sound with the appropriate training and intervention. Nemours team approach offers comprehensive cochlear implants in children and auditory based therapeutic services to provide your child with the best chance to do well and overcome hearing loss.

Significant hearing loss can affect a child’s development in many ways, so cochlear implantation is a potentially life-changing procedure. At Nemours, we are committed to raising awareness about cochlear implantation in children within the general and medical communities.