Concussions in Children

Helmets can help prevent concussions in children.

Is it just a harmless bump on the head — or something more serious? Our pediatric concussion experts have the experience, equipment and medical know-how to tell the difference. We take a team approach to assess and treat mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions in children of all ages.

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A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain injury that occurs when someone’s brain moves around inside the skull or bangs against it. Although the injury may seem mild, concussions in children can affect health, thinking ability, behavior/mood, school performance and social interactions.

A concussion can be caused by:
  • a fall, especially in babies, toddlers and young children
  • a sports injury
  • a crash involving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), bike or automobile
  • a physical attack, a school fight or child abuse
  • whiplash
  • any major head trauma, blow to the head

With plenty of rest and reduced activity, kids often recover on their own from a concussion in a week or two. Concussions in other children might require weeks or even months of therapy, rehabilitation, and taking a break from school, sports and other physical and cognitive activities. One of the most important factors for a successful recovery is easing back in to regular activities slowly over time, one activity at a time, with guidance from your health care provider.


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A concussion directly involves the brain, and can affect how kids feel, behave and do in school. We know concussions in children can be scary, whether your child is an infant or adolescent. That’s why our Nemours concussion experts team with other specialists at Wolfson Children's Hospital and Shands Jacksonville to give your child top-quality care.

Together, we’ll evaluate and, if needed, treat your child’s concussion. That includes gradually easing your child back into normal activities. And, hopefully, we’ll give you a little peace of mind in the process, knowing that your child is in good hands.

Concussion Care at Nemours Children's Specialty Care, Jacksonville

Our concussion care team will develop a personalized treatment program based on the extent of your child’s injury. Following a thorough medical and neurological exam, some kids may just need lots of rest and a careful return to normal activities.

Sometimes concussions in children may require a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed axial tomography (CAT) scan or other radiology (or medical imaging) tests to find out more. You can get medical imaging tests right next door to our clinic, at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.
Learn more about the different kinds of imaging tests and what to expect »

If the damage is severe, or if your child has had previous concussions, your child may need to see more than one team member, including physician specialists such as:

  • neurologists (who specialize in brain, nerves and the spinal cord)
  • neuropsychologists (psychologists who specialize in thinking, reasoning and making decisions)
  • orthopedists (who specialize in bones, muscles and joints)
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians (who specialize in physical therapy and rehabilitation to help kids recover)
  • sports medicine physicians (who specialize in preventing and treating injuries in athletes)

Follow-Up Care

Our specialists focus on helping to relieve symptoms of concussions in children and improve your child’s ability to function at school, at home and on the field. Your child may need monitoring at home, a reduced workload and activity schedule at school, and possibly physical and other kinds of therapy. Whether it’s a mild or a severe concussion, our care team treats all children as we would our own – your child, our promise.