Fetal Diagnostics

For Expectant Parents: Closer to Home

We offer state-of-the-art, noninvasive tests for kids of all ages, including babies still in the womb. Many children with critical heart disease are diagnosed while still developing (before birth) or soon after. Thanks to our highly skilled team and advanced technology, most children who are born with a heart condition — even newborns only hours old — can be treated right away.

What to Expect With Fetal Diagnostics

With early fetal diagnosis, our cardiology team has time to work closely with you, your obstetrician and other specialists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. This may include planning necessary procedures or medicines to begin immediately after your baby is born and determining the best course for your baby’s ongoing care.

If Your Newborn Needs Special Care

Nemours Cardiac Center in Florida has cardiologists and cardiac care teams who work with neonatal intensive care specialists at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at our pediatric hospital in Orlando (Nemours Children’s Hospital) and many collaborating hospitals and facilities across the state.

We’ll also coordinate with other pediatric specialists who might care for your newborn, so you’ll know your baby’s medical team is in place and ready when you need us most.

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Care Where Kids Need It

Nemours Cardiac Center expands care across Florida based on patient need.

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