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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nemours BrightStart! help educators?

Nemours BrightStart! offers educators and child care professionals practical, science-based tools and training to address the real-life challenges of building reading readiness skills in kids. We also offer training and professional development for early educators.

Does Nemours BrightStart! work?

Designed with educators and early learning specialists, Nemours BrightStart! programs and curriculum have been field tested with thousands of prekindergarteners at risk of reading failure. They have proven highly effective in building alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness skills that support future reading success.

What are the documented results?

Since the beginning of Nemours BrightStart! in 2005:

  • Tens of thousands of prekindergarteners have been screened on early literacy skills, with thousands of at-risk children receiving Nemours BrightStart! intensive educational instruction.
  • Two-thirds of participating at-risk children who have received the Nemours BrightStart! educational instruction have moved to the typical range in their reading readiness skills.
  • At-risk prekindergarteners completing the Nemours BrightStart! intensive educational instruction gain an average of 114 percent on their reading
    readiness scores.
Do results differ depending upon who delivers the program?

Originally, Nemours BrightStart! staff solely provided the Nemours BrightStart! screening and instruction. In 2009, the Nemours BrightStart! delivery model added training for early childhood educators to conduct screenings and instruction using the Nemours BrightStart! curriculum (a capacity-building
model approach).

The children in the capacity-building model groups averaged nearly 150 percent annualized gains in early literacy skills, actually surpassing the 114 percent historical benchmark average gain set by Nemours BrightStart! staff (see question above). When taught by their own teachers using Nemours BrightStart! curriculum, child outcomes exceeded expectations.

Where do I find Nemours BrightStart! programs and curriculum?

Nemours BrightStart! has formed a relationship with Kaplan Early Learning Company to carry Nemours BrightStart! programs and products throughout the U.S. Call Kaplan Early Learning Company at (800) 334-2014 or visit them online.

What are the Nemours BrightStart! curriculum components?

The Nemours BrightStart! Program for Early Literacy Success includes:

  • Lesson Plans Kit: includes scripted lesson plans, related materials
    to complete each lesson, and learning objectives tied to state and
    national standards
  • Manipulatives Kit: provides multisensory materials that help children learn with fun, motivating and developmentally appropriate activities
  • Book Set
What training and professional development is offered?

Nemours BrightStart! conducts workshops that provide current information on best practices that prepare young children for reading success. All professional development courses incorporate research-based best practices for adult learners. They are designed to make the best use of your time and give you knowledge and skills to apply immediately in your work setting. 

Please call us at (877) 878-3118 for more information.

What are some of the Nemours BrightStart! courses offered to educators?

Current courses include:

  • Overview of Nemours BrightStart!
  • Enhancing the Literacy Center
  • Reading Aloud to Young Children
  • Emergent Writing
  • Dyslexia 101
  • Basics of Multisensory Instruction
  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

New topics are added periodically, and we can customize presentations in some instances. We also give presentations at regional and national conferences, such as National Association for the Education of Young Children and its state affiliates, International Reading Association, International Dyslexia Association and its state affiliates, and One Goal in Tampa, Fla.

Please call us at (877) 878-3118 for more information.

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In addition, Nemours BrightStart! has partnered with Smart Horizons, an online training provider, to host Nemours BrightStart! online workshops and courses, continuing education and other resources for educators.