Reading Development

Risk Factors for Reading Problems

Get the facts on risk factors for reading problems to help put all kids on the path to reading success, right from the start.

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Setting a Path for Reading Success

What Educators Are Saying

Working together, we can free children from the disabling effects of reading failure. Here is a sampling of what educators are saying about Nemours BrightStart!:

“Early in the year, one of my students was so shy and withdrawn in the classroom that he would stiffen his body when approached or spoken to by a classmate or teacher. He refused to participate or interact with anyone. One day after returning to the classroom following a Nemours BrightStart! lesson, the student gave me a big unexpected hug, pointed to his letter bracelet, and said, ‘I know what this letter is! It's a C and it says /c/!’ It was a turning point for this child, and he has been an active learner since that day.”

Ms. Bass, a VPK teacher

"Nemours BrightStart! is such a positive experience that when I walk into a classroom, my Nemours BrightStart! students are excited to come to the group. The children who are not receiving Nemours BrightStart! instruction continually ask me, ‘When is it my turn? Are you taking me today?’ I plan to take a day to invite these children to a small group to sample a taste of Nemours BrightStart!”

Nemours BrightStart!-trained educator

"After completing just one series of Nemours BrightStart! lessons, the children have shown impressive academic gains. But just as important are the positive changes in their level of confidence and attitude toward learning. Children who were hesitant to respond and participate in their classroom setting gained the confidence to answer questions and interact with their Nemours BrightStart! buddies. The Nemours BrightStart! small group is a safe, secure atmosphere to learn, and the strategies are designed for the children to experience success. It was heartwarming to hear the children say encouraging words to each other such as ‘kiss your brain,’ ‘slam dunk,’ and ‘you did it.’”

Nemours BrightStart!-trained educator

"One student in particular had difficulty attending to the activities during the earlier lessons. But once he started experiencing success, he became more attentive and cooperative. In fact, he became such a proficient syllable clapper in his group, that he would offer his help to other students by holding their hands to clap and saying, ‘You're doing it!’”

Bonnie Post, Prekindergarten Specialist,
School District of Osceola County, Fla.