Reading Development

Risk Factors for Reading Problems

Get the facts on risk factors for reading problems to help put all kids on the path to reading success, right from the start.

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Tools & Services

Nemours BrightStart! offers tools for health professionals to establish a dialogue with parents and offer children the best opportunity for long-term reading success.

We’ve designed various tools and educational options for health professionals related to reading development, dyslexia, and the role that health professionals can play in talking with parents about these important topics.

Health Care Professional's Toolkit

Nemours BrightStart! created this Toolkit to assist pediatricians, family practice physicians and others in identifying youngsters who may be at risk for dyslexia and reading failure and in counseling families on this important topic.

The Toolkit will help you:
  • recognize the warning signs for dyslexia and other barriers to reading readiness in kids
  • educate parents about early literacy milestones and activities to promote reading readiness
  • build awareness of resources for reading readiness available to parents of
    young children
  • provide timely referrals of at-risk children for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention
  • enhance the family/physician relationship by increasing helpful dialogue on this topic

Contents of the Toolkit

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Nemours BrightStart! Pocket Guide
Dyslexia and Milestones Pocket Guide

A handy pocket guide intended to equip health care professionals with information related to the warning signs for dyslexia and milestones for reading readiness for children up to 8 years old. The guide also includes useful references and resources.
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4-Year-Old Ready Reader Check-Up
4-Year-Old Ready Reader Check-Up

Stick this on your 4-year-old patients' charts. Use the questions on the sticker for conducting visits with any preschool-age child.
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Roadmap of Reading Readiness Milestones
Reading Readiness Roadmap

A fun poster that contains milestones (by age) for early literacy skills as well as warning signs that parents should be aware of along their child’s road to reading readiness. View Roadmap »

Prescription for Reading Success
Prescription for Reading Success

The prescription/referral pad enables health care professionals to offer suggestions and resources for any parent with a preschool-age child.
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Early Literacy Skills and Activities Magnet
Early Literacy Skills and Activities Magnet

The magnet contains information for parents related to important early literacy skills as well as suggested activities to encourage reading readiness. View Activities Magnet »

Nemours BrightStart! Brochure for Parents
Nemours BrightStart! Brochure for Parents

Our brochure, for health care professionals to give to parents, contains information about the Nemours BrightStart! program.

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Continuing Medical Education

Nemours Offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities

“Identification and Treatment of Young Children at Risk for Reading Failure” (Credit: 1.0). This unit discusses risk factors, warning signs, research-based intervention strategies and the role of pediatricians in addressing reading failure in children.

University of Florida Pediatric Resident Visits

Once a month, Nemours BrightStart! hosts a University of Florida pediatric resident at our office in Jacksonville, Fla. The pediatric residents are able to learn about the different components of Nemours BrightStart!, meet with Nemours BrightStart! Associates and observe an in-office screening or instruction of a 4-year-old (when available).

If you are a medical resident or student attending another university, with an interest in pediatric medicine, and would like to visit Nemours BrightStart!, please call us at (904) 697-5125 or (877) 878-3118.


Administrative Details

The CDC has detailed information about billing and coding for developmental screening. Download the Coding Fact Sheet for Primary Care Pediatricians »

Online References and Resources


Recommended Reading
  • “Overcoming Dyslexia,” by Sally Shaywitz, MD, 2003
  • “Straight Talk About Reading,” by Susan L. Hall and
    Louisa C. Moats, 1999
  • “What is Dyslexia?” (PDF)