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Children in the Nemours BrightStart! Program Make Great Progress

Each year, our research has shown that the Nemours BrightStart! curriculum significantly improves the early literacy skills of prekindergarteners at risk for reading failure.

Based on our long-term follow-up, we also have evidence that most of those at-risk children make good progress with reading from kindergarten through third grade.

Since the beginning of Nemours BrightStart! in 2005:
  • Tens of thousands of prekindergarteners have been screened on early literacy skills, and thousands of at-risk children have received Nemours BrightStart! intensive educational instruction.
  • Two-thirds of participating at-risk children who have received the Nemours BrightStart! intensive educational instruction have moved to the typical range in their reading readiness skills.
  • At-risk prekindergarteners completing the Nemours BrightStart! intensive educational instruction gain an average of 114 percent on their reading readiness score.

A Case Study: Getting Children Ready to Read

Nemours BrightStart! program helps close reading readiness gap in Florida’s Duval County Public Schools.

Now in its fifth year, the Nemours BrightStart! partnership with Florida’s Duval County Public School District continues to improve the reading readiness scores of pre-K students at risk for reading failure.

During the 2012-2013 school year, nearly 200 kids participated in the Nemours BrightStart! small-group enrichment program. By the end of the year, kids participating in the program saw a 125 percent gain in reading readiness scores, compared to a 32 percent gain by their peers who did not receive the intervention. The intervention helped to close the reading readiness performance gap noted in the beginning of the school year.

The eight-month intervention consisted of scripted, evidence-based, multisensory instruction provided by classroom teachers to promote skills like phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge that set the foundation for reading. The program aims to engage diverse learners as the interactive curriculum stimulates participants to use all of their senses in the learning experience. It also uses a unique approach to target children before they enter kindergarten, as research shows students who have strong reading readiness skills excel in reading when they enter K-12 school systems.

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2005-2010 School Years

Nemours BrightStart! is helping to close the reading achievement gap before children ever have a chance to fail.

The graph above illustrates two critical points:
  • How far behind the at-risk children are in their early literacy
    skills at the beginning of prekindergarten (fall pre-test average scores).
  • How much they improve after receiving the Nemours
    BrightStart! targeted instruction (spring post-test average scores).