Reading Development

Risk Factors for Reading Problems

Get the facts on risk factors for reading problems to help put all kids on the path to reading success, right from the start.

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Tools & Services

Transforming the Way Children Learn to Read

Nemours BrightStart! offers tools, resources, services and training to parents, educators and health professionals to help ensure that every child receives a bright start on the road to reading success.

Help Your Child Get a Nemours BrightStart!

Nemours BrightStart! tools, resources, services and training can help ensure
that every child receives a bright start on the road to reading success.

Online Preschool Reading Screener

For parents of children ages 3, 4 and 5 the Nemours BrightStart! Preschool Reading Screener is easy to use and child-friendly.

A Parent's Guide to Reading Readiness

This guide gives parents of children aged 3 to 5 information on how to support their child on his or her reading journey. Along with invaluable advice, the book, available in English and Spanish, provides a checklist of reading readiness skills, lists of recommended children’s books and fun activities to do at home.

Milestone Map

This full-color illustrated poster addresses parents' and educators' concerns about children's reading readiness and progress. It includes milestones and warning signs indicating when children may be at risk for reading challenges from birth through age 6.

Identify At-Risk Learners as Early as Possible

Nemours BrightStart! has developed programs and curricula that have been field tested with thousands of prekindergarteners at risk of reading failure. They have proven highly effective in building alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness skills that support future reading success. Plus, they are the perfect enhancement to any prekindergarten or kindergarten program — especially those serving at-risk learners.

Programs & Curricula

Nemours BrightStart! has formed a relationship with Kaplan Early Learning Company, a leading international provider
of products and services that enhance children’s learning,
to carry Nemours BrightStart! programs and products throughout the U.S.

Professional Development

Nemours BrightStart! conducts curriculum training and professional development workshops that provide current information on best practices that prepare young children for reading success. All professional development courses incorporate research-based adult learning principles and are designed to make the best use of your time and give you knowledge and skills to apply immediately in your work setting.

Identify At-Risk Learners as Early as Possible

Nemours BrightStart! offers health professionals the necessary tools to
establish a dialogue with parents and offer children the best opportunity for long-term reading success. We’ve designed various tools and educational options for health professionals related to reading development, dyslexia and the role that health professionals can play in talking with parents about these important topics.

The Health Care Professional's Toolkit

Nemours BrightStart! created the Health Care Professional's Toolkit to assist pediatricians, family practice physicians and others in identifying youngsters who may be at risk for dyslexia and reading failure, and in counseling families.