Hearing Loss

A mother and an infant with hearing loss

Most children who are born with a hearing loss can be diagnosed through a hearing screening. In other cases, hearing loss in children is caused by factors like infections or trauma, and the problem doesn’t emerge until later. At Nemours, we take a team approach to caring for your child, using the most innovative pediatric assessment techniques to determine a child’s hearing needs.

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Early identification and management of hearing loss in children is crucial to minimizing delays in speech, language and cognitive development. Team members from different specialties across Nemours collaborate to create solutions to treat and meet your child’s needs.

Health professionals who may be involved with diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in children include:
  • audiologists
  • ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors
  • speech and language pathologists
  • behavioral health experts
  • deaf educators
  • neurologists (doctors who treat problems of the nervous system)
  • geneticists

We also strive to make things as easy and convenient as possible for you and your child. For example, because our doctors and therapists are all under one roof, your child can often have multiple appointments scheduled in one day.