Myringotomy (Ear Tubes)

A myringotomy patient smiles after his procedure.

At Nemours, we promise to do whatever it takes to treat children as we would our own. When your child comes to Nemours, we know you’re placing your trust in us. This trust and our dedication to improving the health of your child is what inspires us to provide exceptional care and the most satisfying experience possible.

Patient Satisfaction

In the Words of Our Families

We believe that your thoughts and feedback about your family's experience with Nemours are integral to helping us continue to improve our care. Here are some of the personal testimonials we’ve received from parents like you:

"Our Nemours ENT is the best: He goes above and beyond what is expected, lets me see my children's tubes, checks my son's ears at my daughter's appointment, and always tells us to feel free to call him for any problem we have with the children."

"This doctor is wonderful! Took the time to describe placement of ear tubes. Very personable. A wonderful addition to Nemours health staff!"

"Thank the doctors for putting the tubes in my son’s ears, and he is doing wonderful. We feel so at home with all the doctors and staff at duPont."

"The Nemours ENT was great. Even though ear tubes are a simple, minor procedure it doesn't feel so to the parents. His concern and sincerity for our son was genuine."

"We have been very pleased with the ENT’s performance. From the time of my daughter's surgery to the removal of her ear tubes everyone at the clinic has been very caring and helpful."

"Both my husband and I felt very comfortable about our daughter's surgery after speaking with the doctor, we knew she would need the tubes but he made us OK with it."

"Our ENT is an incredible doctor. I felt so comfortable with him. He saved my son from a lot of agony with ear infections. My son ended up getting tubes in both ears and he has been doing very well."