Neonatology (NICU)

Neonatology specialist examining a newborn patient

If your baby comes into the world facing any kind of medical or surgical challenge, our highly skilled teams of Nemours neonatologists (newborn medicine specialists) can give you immediate care right when you need it. Our Neonatology specialists provide compassionate expert care in technologically advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).

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Common Conditions Treated by Our Neonatologists

Fortunately, most newborn problems are temporary and correctable with time and treatment — and our Nemours neonatology specialists are here to support you and your baby from the start.

Our NICUs are well-prepared and experienced in providing the necessary intensive care for babies with conditions such as:

  • airway abnormalities
  • apnea: brief pauses in breathing that tend to occur in premature infants due to immaturity of the brain’s respiratory center
  • congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH): a hole in the diaphragm (the large muscle that separates the chest and abdomen)
  • gastroschisis: a defect in which a baby’s stomach and intestines protrude through an opening at the side of the belly button
  • intestinal atresias: when a portion of the intestine fails to form or
    is too narrow
  • meconium aspiration: when a newborn inhales (or aspirates) a mixture of meconium (the baby's first feces, or poop) and amniotic fluid (the fluid in which the baby floats inside the amniotic sac) before, during or after labor and delivery
  • metabolic disorders: problems involving the complex collection of chemical reactions that take place in the body's cells to convert nutrition into energy
  • myelomeningocele: better known as spina bifida, a condition in which the spine doesn’t fully close during fetal development
  • necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC): inflammation and cell damage in the colon (large bowel) that mostly affects premature babies
  • omphalocele: a birth defect in which some of the abdominal organs protrude through the abdominal muscles in a sac outside the body
  • pulmonary hypertension: abnormally high blood pressure in the blood vessels leading to the newborn’s lungs
  • respiratory problems related to prematurity
  • seizure disorders: due to dysfunction in the brain’s electrical activity
  • urogenital disorders: any birth defect affecting either the urinary tract or the genitals

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Partnering With You to Offer Top-Quality Neonatology Care

Of course, we do more than just provide care for your baby — we make sure that you and your family are well taken care of, too. We’ll keep you fully informed — explaining your little one’s diagnosis and treatment in understandable terms, discussing any treatment options you might have, and inviting your family’s input for creating the treatment plan most appropriate for your baby.

We fully recognize that you, the family, play an important role in the care and healing process of your baby. We want you to be an active participant in the decision-making process. Our doctors and nurses will work hard to build a strong partnership with you for your baby’s care. And we’ll keep your primary care pediatrician fully up-to-date.


Nemours duPont Pediatrics at Inspira Medical Center Vineland

1505 West Sherman
Vineland, NJ 08360
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Phone: (856) 641-8060

To ask a question about our Neonatology care, please call us at (856) 641-8190. We promise to do whatever it takes to treat your baby as we would our own.

Trust in Nemours duPont Pediatrics at Inspira Medical Center Vineland

If your new baby has immediate medical or surgical needs, it’s helpful to know you can get expert medical care from the highly regarded neonatology specialists (physicians specializing in newborn medicine and medical conditions) of Nemours.

Our neonatology experts are conveniently available to you, right in your own backyard, through Nemours’ special collaborative affiliation with the Deborah F. Sager Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Inspira Medical Center Vineland.

Thanks to this pediatric collaboration, your baby can receive highly-skilled, around-the-clock neonatal intensive care right in Vineland (where you can also get skilled labor and delivery services from Inspira Medical Center Vineland specialists).

If you choose to give birth at another location, Nemours Kids Transport — a mobile intensive care unit — can bring your baby by ambulance or helicopter to our NICU.

Features of the NICU

The recently completed expansion of our NICU has not only given us more space to practice, it’s also allowed us to achieve a Level IIIa designation. This means we can offer advanced care for premature, low birth-weight, and critically ill infants born prematurely as young as 28 weeks from the time of conception (also known as “gestational age”).

Other features include:

  • six NICU beds
  • one isolation room bed
  • eight special care nursery beds (many babies don’t need what’s usually called “intensive care,”  but still require oxygen, IV fluids, and very close monitoring)
  • six transitional nursery beds (relatively stable babies still require close monitoring and may need antibiotics)
  • state-of-the-art monitors and equipment
  • excellent nurse-to-baby ratio
  • family-centered care that focuses on your needs, as parents, as well as your baby’s
Top-Rate Neonatology Care

The Nemours Neonatology team cares for newborns with a wide variety of newborn medical conditions. Our physicians supervise the ongoing in-hospital care of infants in the NICU 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Working together to provide a comprehensive circle of critical care and services to babies and their families, the NICU team also includes:

  • nurses specially trained in newborn medicine
  • respiratory therapists
  • social workers
  • pharmacists
  • occupational and physical therapists.

Nemours’ pediatric cardiologists are also available to come see babies in our NICU. Other Nemours’ subspecialists also are available for telephone consults about your baby’s care if needed.